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Did you make up your mind which one? Feel free to ignore the question. I quit getting e-mail notifications and thought I would post to see if they start again. dmatch
Okay, thanks. I was a little shocked to think that a glitzy Microsoft program (WMC) would divulge underlying data like that. dmatch
Hi Dave, Where, as in what program/device, did you see this PSIP service list? Is this a WMC function? If so, how do you get it to disgorge the information? DRCars
Just today I revived my Windows Media Center (WMC) just to see if it still worked. I noticed as you did that 49.1 (KMYA-DT - METV) was not listed in the guide data.Remembering your post, I thought I would try to get it in there so I could watch that channel. FYI, I am using 72209 for zip which is a Little Rock zip even though it is 25 miles away. There are more channels to choose from when I use that zip.First thing I noticed is that 20.2 showed no signal. Thought maybe...
They (KTHV) have a blurb at thv2.com about the WeatherNation channel that says:So, I guess they will use the channel the same as in the past as regards unusual events. They have dumped their 24/7 web coverage from thv2.com though. Just the blurb I quoted above is there now.dmatch
WeatherNation is now on 11.2 (THV2). I had watched this on BUD satellite a few times, before it moved to fiber delivery. It is a slimmed-down version of The Weather Channel (no weather documentaries or "extra programming"). It's widescreen but definitely not HD and extremely bit-starved compared to what it was on BUD satellite. dmatch
You're welcome Dave. The hogs didn't play very well. They almost got beat. VIPBox.tv aka VIPBoxOnline.eu is apparently in Europe (eu) and as such appears to be immune to the DMCA we have here. dmatch
It's on G16 99W 3851 V 13234. It's on C band and it's not 4:2:2. It hasn't scrambled yet so maybe it won't. Ricks Satellite Wildfeeds is our friend. Enjoy, dmatch
Last year ARSN used G17 Ku band for PPV early in the season (G17 12091 V 13234). That symbol rate looks like 4:2:2 color encoding so you might need an Azbox or computer w/ proper codec to watch it (if it is found there with same parameters this year). Saw that ARSN charges $35 to watch their internet feed. WOW! dmatch
I noticed that too. BTW, it's Bounce, but Boost works good too. " I don't think there's anyone back there" seems to apply (if you're old enough to remember that Wendy's commercial). On that channel I get horizontal aberrations (tearing) in the picture occasionally, but I usually have to watch it a few minutes to notice it. Do you see the same sort of thing? dmatch
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