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The KETS-DT signal quality looks normal or a little better than normal here. We watch a lot on that channel and I haven't noticed any problems lately. The leaves coming off the trees seems to have improved it marginally here. If your antenna was in a hot spot where the signal was being directed (bent) to it by trees then the hot spot may be moving as the leaves come off. I have had that happen before. Are you still having trouble or did you figure out what was going...
Thanks for the reply steveken. I posted about the problem on the "Forum Operations Center". Apparently an administrator had to check the "Send EMail Notifications" for my account. It works now. DRCars
I got a notification from this thread so it is working now. Thanks again, DRCars
Thanks, I see the "Send Email Notifications" is checked now. Last time I looked it wasn't. Maybe that will correct the problem. dmatch
I have not been getting e-mail notifications for over 3 weeks now. I "checked" and "saved" the "Send e-mail notifications" in "My Profile" - "Edit Account Details" but on the subscription page it tells me they are turned off. So I return to "Edit Account Details" and the option is once again unchecked. I have only subscribed to the "Little Rock, AR - HDTV" thread. I have cleared cookies and have tried 3 different browsers with same results. What am I missing here? dmatch
Haven't received any email notifications at all from AVS Forum for over 3 weeks now. I go to "My Profile" and "check" the option to send them but it won't stay checked. Is anyone else having this problem? Tried clearing cookies and 3 different browsers to no avail. dmatch
NBC (KARK) has been off air for me all day. Anyone know if they are on reduced power or completely SNAFUed? Also, did Dish lose KTHV? KTHV was running a crawler all weekend warning that they might not be on Dish past midnight Sunday. dmatch
Must have been another temporary glitch or a TV problem or a combination of both. It seems normal here today. When they (KMYA/KKYK) were having stream info problems the channel mapping would change every few seconds. KKYK would get identified as KMYA and KKYK had no ID in the stream, so my Vizio wouldn't even see it. Then both would be there again briefly and the cycle would repeat. Some TVs would probably handle the SNAFU differently or not see the problem at all unless...
Unfortunately, KETS-DT (RF 7 = VHF) is not UHF. However, the OP can probably pick it up on a rabbit ears antenna in the Little Rock area. I am 25 miles north of LIttle Rock and have used rabbit ears to pick it up. I also got KTHV-DT (RF 12 = VHF), KATV-DT (RF 22 = UHF), KLRT-DT (RF 30 = UHF) and KARK-DT (RF 32 = UHF). They were not strong but I am having to pick up 2 Edge signals. Never could get KARZ-DT (RF 44 = UHF) or KASN-DT (RF 39=UHF). As you indicated It took quite...
KKYK/KMYA (RF 20) seems to be back to normal now. A well done to them. Weak signal here but it has always been barely lockable for me (30-40% quality - 28 required to hold lock). dmatch
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