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I received confirmation from a contact listed in an FCC application that KKYK/KMYA (RF 20) know about their channel mapping problem. They experienced a PSIP generator crash over the weekend and have tried to rebuild the system "but there are still some issues." They are expecting a new PSIP setup Wednesday (8/1/2012). dmatch
Just noticed that it appears ThisTV has replaced CoolTV on 16.2. Lots of older movies. When did this happen? I have watched it some on BUD satellite but OTA will be much easier access. Edit: Just found this info on This TV coming to Little Rock. http://www.fox16.com/news/story/Free-movie-TV-network-launched-on-16-2/PzqQfLD9tU-j0yM2eO9aGQ.cspx Just started today. dmatch
Bad Service Information (SI). Both streams are there but some TVs don't like the broken SI. Same SNAFU I was describing above. Maybe they will discover/fix it tomorrow If they have an engineer that can figure out what is wrong. dmatch
Apparently, they (KKYK/KMYA) still don't know they have a problem and the SNAFU continues. The service info keeps changing around every few seconds. Sometimes it's right but then within a few seconds it's bad again. Some TVs dynamically tune channels (my Vizio does) and can't handle the broken service info. My Sanyo doesn't dynamically tune (just uses results from last scan, haven't scanned since SNAFU showed up) and it is not effected since it doesn't use the new SNAFUed...
Noticed a couple hours ago that 49.1 (METV) is sending no audio or video. Still nothing right now. 20.1 (same RF freq.) is normal. Hope they come back soon. I was getting used to watching that channel OTA instead of on satellite BUD. Edit: Later 20.1 disappeared from the stream and 49.1 got mapped in its place. Currently (10:45 PM) 20.1 is back and METV (49.1) is frozen picture. They clearly have a problem cause as I type this 20.1 is METV again and mapped as 49.1....
Yes, It sounds like you have all that you absolutely need except an FTA receiver. Many people use their old analog BUD receivers to move the dish around the sky and control polarity and watch their FTA receiver. That is what I do.If you are hesitant as to whether you can or want to do FTA then I would suggest a cheaper receiver like the OpenBox (~$140) or the soon to be released GeoSatPro MicroHD (similar price) to get a feel for what all is involved. There are also many...
Just checked it on my computer tuner and just like you said KATV-DT shows a signal but no programming (picture/sound). Like the lady in the in the old Wendys commercial said, "I don't think there's anybody back there". dmatch
Yep! Missing in action here too. I get "No Signal". Maybe they shut her down for to fix her. I still wonder if something wasn't SNAFUing on KATV 2 or 3 weeks ago when I was seeing very low signal and futzing with everything trying to fix it. Then, Voila, it mysteriously fixes itself. dmatch
KETS's current choice to stretch 4:3 to 16:9 on their channels really sucks. Most HDTVs (if not all) will allow zooming the original 4:3 (including letter-boxed) to a 16:9 if you want to, but won't allow "unstretching" of their stupid looking picture. In the case of my HDTV, once stretched always stretched. I used to be able to correct their aspect ratio perversions by watching KETS on a computer with a USB ATSC tuner and using DVBViewer to manually "unstretch" their...
KETS Looks normal here too. 25 miles North of Little Rock. 83% quality. dmatch
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