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That 10' BUD ought to get everything. BTW, What did you finally settle on for a satellite receiver? Vantage? AZ Box? If I remember correctly you had one of those 2 and didn't like it. What did you finally wind up with? dmatch
I think I have solved the problem with my KATV reception. I had adjusted antenna height to find my hot-spot back in august for summer conditions. Leaves are gone from the trees/hills now (2-Edge reception) and apparently my hot-spot has moved. I raised the antenna 1 foot and now KATV is back to 90%. All other channels are still as expected too. It is real finicky on KATV for some reason. It went from about 60% to 90% with that 1 foot height increase. It then starts going...
Thanks for the feedback Dave. Yeah you are much closer than I am. I am 25 miles away with 2-edge reception and tree trouble, so I get hit harder when something goes awry. I'm trying to avoid a complete overhaul of the system just to correct a 1 channel problem that might be just a reduction in power. dmatch
For quite a while now (maybe 2-3 weeks) my wife has noticed drop-outs on KATV (I don't watch KATV much). I finally got around to hooking up my receiver which reads signal quality to check versus readings back in august. Even after checking all connections and fine tuning antenna adjustment I seem to be getting almost 30% less quality on KATV than in august. All other channels (KETS, KARK, KTHV, KLRT, KARZ) are very close (+/- 5%) to same readings as in august. KATV is now...
I always had a hunch you felt a little muzzled. Good to see a well thought out opinion (not that you didn't have them before , just not as direct). Your analogy to satellite spectrum makes very good sense. No wonder they never did it. It's too straight forward and can't be "gamed" near as easily. Having been into satellite surfing for so many years, I wrongly assumed that somehow what you described would be the type of bandwidth arrangement that would...
@Allenf. Good to hear from you and glad to know you're still lurking. Are you still in a broadcasting related career? Any insider opinions on the repacking of the TV broadcasting spectrum? Is "free" TV a soon to be extinct species? When you opened the lurker's curtain you had to expect questions. dmatch
Everywhere (e.g. TitanTV, Zap2It) except OTA KATV has the correct listings. Allenf was never able to get the data sent from RTV correctly. At one time it (OTA EPG) was just a copy of what was on the national RTV east feed instead of the custom local lineup. I informed them (KATV of that) but it never made a difference in correcting it. Oh well, no matter now it's soon to be gone anyway. dmatch
I agree. I can't get KKYK here and would really like a local ME-TV. I can get it on the C-band BUD satellite, and watch it a lot, but it might not stay unscrambled. RTV has really gone down the tubes lately and it doesn't look like they are going to be able to compete with Me-TV. I understand they (RTV) will soon be replaced by Live Well Network (Woo Hoo! ). Too bad KATV didn't get Me-TV.dmatch
Bounce TV is now on 42.2. So far it's the best programming available. Okay, maybe not, since it is a test pattern. Anyway, it ain't the worst. They are touting a lot of movies to be shown starting (I think) Sept. 26. Also HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) football (sports). BounceTV.com dmatch
They even have advertising bugs on the screen and commercial interruptions. Holy crap! dmatch
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