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They (KATV) seem to have their share of problems. Just in the short time I have watched them I have seen a couple of Windows XP reboots on 7-2. Apparently, the "TV in a BOX"/ Windows XP combination isn't completely dependable. It was good for a laugh though and looked oh so familiar. dmatch
Hi ALL, Just wondering if anyone else is viewing KATV's second channel (News 7-2) and seeing what I am seeing now that the increased power level makes it receiveable for me. The news crawler at the bottom of the screen is cut off and I can only see the upper half of it. Just curious, dmatch
Hello Kelly, Here is what I am seeing this morning. Channel Info follows: DTV 2-1 KETS-1 Caption SD English _________ Program Info follows: DTV Program 9:30am-10:am DTV program Hope this helps regarding your query. I am able to receive KETS with an 80-90 signal quality. Channel 5 (KETS) seems to suffer quite a lot of interference here 20 mi. north of Little Rock. It probably has something to do with the air base (planes) and/or RF transmissions coming out of Camp Robinson...
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