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When I was having a problem in 2011, Casper sent me a replacement chip/kit. Don't give up but do give them a friendly reminder of your issues. I had great service when I required it.
If I change to Cinema 1 can I change back to all my custom settings without having to input everything again?
I know this is an old thread but I am possibly interested in something similar. I don't require the security feature though.
I would like to revive this thread instead of creating a new one. There seems to be no clear answer here on 3D mounting height. I understand there is some personal preference at play, but the 3D effect must be engineered at a particular viewing angle (both horizontal and vertical). Can anyone factually comment on this? I have a new tv being delivered tomorrow. I will use my existing mount and only mount again when I get some clarity on the proper height relative to my...
Thanks!I pulled the trigger. Being delivered and mounted on Tuesday evening.
What is the viewing angle and is that left-right angle or up-down angle?My up-down angle is about 11 degrees. Now to figure out my left-right angle for a couple of the seats on the sofa. Any tips for a good way to calculate this?
I am seriously considering this tv (55" model). I live in Singapore and the model here b(I think) is w904a but from what I can tell it is the same. I have a 7-8 year old plasma (Pioneer 505CMX) from which I will be upgrading. The unit is priced at about 2,600 USD here but includes a 280 USD gift card to one of the companies that owns many shopping malls here so can likely use it on groceries and other things I would normally buy. Thus bringing the price to about 2,300 USD....
Problem solved. New subwoofer cable did the trick. Thanks to Blue Jeans for having what I needed.
My unit is back to life! A couple capacitors blown, likely due to a brief power surge. They only charged me the service fee which was about 40 USD.
I am interested in purchasing a 3D, 1080p projector. I have some challenges and they are described below. I am not sure what I should be considering and what I actually need (with regards to specs). Once I figure that out, how do I search for projectors that meet my needs. 1) I move every 2 to 3 years. 2) My room will not be blacked out and could have substantial daylight coming in during the day. This will be our primary viewing screen in the house. 3) the screen I use...
New Posts  All Forums: