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I would check out the latter half of the 802A official thread. I purchased one after Christmas and exchanged it once before returning it. There are many issues associated to that set if you will be watching it in any light dimmed room. The model is at the end of its year so likely any sets still around will be returns/refurbs that have issues. Better off waiting for the new models to see if their quality control is any better in my opinion. I'm holding off on any edge lit...
Yes they do.
I snaked a good deal on a 47W802A on Boxing Day up here in Canada. Unfortunately my first set had bleed/flashlight problems I could not ignore. My exchanged unit was an open box and unfortunately it looks the same as yours pictured. The set is discontinued according to the Sony rep, so I am just going to return my panel tomorrow. The TV would be amazing if you received a good unit, however for the price I'm afraid the features do not outweigh the uniformity issues. My dad...
There is a double feature with TPB: The Movie and TPB: Countdown to Liquor Day, which is available in Canada. Relatively cheap, might be able to find it somewhere that ships to the US. Both films are a good chuckle. .... Oops, just noticed this thread is from '09.... sorry to bump it back up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cyberluke Interesting challenge. Do You like my layout? Looks awesome!!! Very clean and the text design is very creative. I would suggest maybe removing the Blu-ray logo in the top right. It is kind of redundant given that the logos are embossed on the boxes at the top. But looking forward to the reverse.
I'll help with that.Badass cover Bunny, or Kickass cover, whichever you prefer. Ahhhh I'm sorry, never was much good at acting... Another lovely cover Bunny, Thanks!!!
I catch your drift ... I tried one but it ended up just being a Beckinsale collage, and I forgot to include the title of the movie. You had some good restraint to accomplish that one.
+1. They will all be released, perhaps the result will elect which one will come first. They are using facebook as an application and you must consent to Universal having access to your personal info... I see it as a way for them to basically collect marketing research free of charge. ... but I do look forward to a few of those coming
I'm not 100% sure, but I imagine that would be possible. I mean look at all the various colors recordable cd/dvd media come in. Silver/Black/Purple/etc...
I visited the Panasonic 3D display set up for the Olympics in Vancouver. It was a 15 minute show on the 103" display. No movie footage was shown, but rather 3D footage from the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Vancouver 2010 Olympics. There were also several scenes shot on the streets of our city. I must say that I was very impressed with what I saw. When HD first arrived I would have said it was like "being there". But this definitely made me feel like I was sitting in the...
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