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Is it too early to ask, "will you part them out"? Charles
Tgse3, In my hand I hold a quart of stock Superpaint, I've tried ProClassic int Acrylic latex satin and it burned my room down from the hot spots(although the colors were fantastic). After repainting my walls dark and covering my floor with a textured carpet, I am left with painted a new screen. Should I use just a stock white? or try a more adventurous approach and mix one. My projector has pretty good contrast and frankly I really don't want to paint another...
Thanks MM
Hi MM, could you direct me to a link where I can find a paint for a VW85 it's around 36K:1 true contrast. I was looking for something similar to Goo CRT/Ref white that I could paint over a blackout coated screen. Thank you.
That theatre is outdated. It doesnt even have 3D. You can keep it!!
What about "36bit" from dvdo processor to a vw85 vs vw200?
Here is a response by "Joerod" attacking some real world differences The 85 and the 200 as it relates to 36bit color acceptance. He writes, "My biggest loss from going with the VW85 over my beloved VW200 was color and the ability to render up converted 36 bit. The VW85 does not accept 36 bit or 30 bit. Sure sending in and having it display 24 bit still looks very good but the 200 was able to take it so why would they minus that with their new VW85?" ...and goes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Drexler May I ask what it is you prefer in the VW200 over the 85? As far as I know the 200 has the xenon bulb which gives very rich colors, but the bulb is very pricey to replace ($1k?) and doesn't last as long as a UHP. But how can the colors look any different if they're calibrated at rec.709? Yes, the 200 also has a more exclusive lens, but is it really sharper anyways? I find the 85 really sharp with lots of...
"Well, here is an other interesting option for you : a B-stock refurbished VW200 for about 1/5th the original price !. It keeps the VW100 Xenon lamp, and adds a better (automatic) pixel alignment as well as the 24p capability; and the correction of the VW100 hard start problem. On the other hand, that dirt cheap offer may be the advance notification for a coming VW150 or VW300 (long overdue... )." So which would you go with? the 200 or the 85?
Does CalMan support the DTP20 "Pulse" Spectrophotometer?
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