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This is the latest of problems I've had with this 5 yr old panel. I will describe the others below in case there may be some correlation. Basically, the TV will not display video from any of the available composite video input. I've been through all the settings a few times and verified that the source cable box is working (recently forced to downgrade to SDTV) There are five main inputs, each with different sets of input connections such as HDMI, Component, etc. Three of...
In St Clair Shores, I'm getting 12/2 which makes sense as I'm on the Performance. But I think I also have that speedboost or whatever, where the first so many seconds is faster, correct? How do I know if the Speedtest shows what I am really getting?
What about iTunes and Apple TV? You can rent or purchase HD content and watch it on your computer via iTunes or on your Apple TV unit, correct?
Conspiracy theory, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't make people wait for the hard to get new releases during your first few weeks in the trial period. Why don't you sign up and report back as an experiment? You can always cancel before they start billing you.
New release day is Monday? The movie isn't officially released until Tuesday, and it even says that in the Q. Are you saying they will ship it Monday? I've been sending mine in on Monday, and Tuesday the next available ships, and that has worked in the past for new releases. But, like others here are stating, I haven't been able to get new releases for several weeks. I don't get it. It's just a disc with ones and zeros, it's about time for the price to come down! BD...
1. Other than a sticky button issue, mine has been durable and reliable. Going on two years of use, and use it on the average of about 2 hours a day, lots of channel surfing, DVRing, etc. I would also like to know tho what other problems people have had with the physical aspects of the remote, buttons, screen, etc. 2. Very simple to use. The buttons are logically laid out, easy to see and feel good. Sometimes it's a challenge to "one-hand" everything, especially if you...
Although I have no idea of the actual electronics or engineering, I would tend to agree with this just because of another behavior. When I'm watching live TV and then press pause, there's a delay - first it pauses, then the screen flashes it plays again for a second or two, then comes to rest on pause finally. This could be consistent with the signal switching from a live feed to the HD feed before pausing. The initial pause could be a RAM buffer.
my One is out of warranty, and recently the volume down button has started to stick - it sort of makes a clicky noise too. It functions still, the volume still decreases. Any reports of button issues like this? Should I try to take it apart and clean it? Is it a part inside that I may be able to replace, or am I looking at maybe replacing the keypad or worse yet, the whole remote? Thanks!
I just got the PS3 adapter from Amazon the other day, finally. It paired with the PS3 with no problem, and setting up the Harmony One was also easy. Finally, back down to a single remote again, and everything works! Yayyy!
I've lived in the Shores going on 15 years now, and in the past we were the first to get new things - I had cable internet there before it was available in other locations and before many people even heard of it. Now, it seems we're the last on the list! Whatever happened to the new Motorola DVR that was supposed to be coming out for Comcast in our area?
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