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I use the HD83 (Eu version of HD8300) for 3D together with a JVC RS45 for 2D. I can recommend the Optoma, especially for 3D.
Yes, no doubt that the Optoma has no chance in terms of native on/off. In my batcave with almost full projection distance blacks are awesome.Well, I like the Optoma HD83(00) very much in terms of sharpness and it's smoothness by the perfect interpolation. But honestly I am not a big friend of DLP for 2D viewing since my very first JVC. JVC does project such a beautiful analog like image - no way I wanna see 2D on the Optoma.I just bought the HD83 for viewing 3D as I needed...
I own the HD8300, known as HD83 in europe. Well, i just use if for 3D as I have an RS45 for 2D aswell and an old Sanyo FullHD for tv viewing. Besides that ,the HD83 does excellent with 2D material. Good native contrast for DLP, very much pop and superb sharpness. No RBE visible - which for me was a big deal as with every other DLP I used i was sensitive to RBE. At it's price point the HD83 is a winner both in 2D and 3D. Not to forget the very good lens shift range for a DLP.
well, sure. but i have my line. here in switzerland cinavia discs are even more expensive than cinavia free BD. and 3D is a premium price as well. i don't want to pay almost 100% more for a cinavia protected 3d blu-ray in switzerland than elsewhere. so my choice is made :-) i will never buy a cinavia protected BD and/or player.
too bad they will feature cinavia protection in the new lineup, required by licensing. guess i have to go with the oppo bdp-93 then as soon as it's price will drop.
What about the Thriller 3D scenes on MJ: This Is It? I like that very much. Superb depth. And within Smooth Criminal 3D there are some good popouts.
1080p content with 48fps might require new equipment, as most display can accept 24fps, 50fps or 60fps but often not 48fps. 1080p content with 60fps should work for the most and be future proof.
where to get the optoma firmware update files? and where do i find informations about it?
got it to work again by manual fine tuning on the rf emitter.
I have done a factory reset. The ghosting is still there. I even tried to reset the glasses itself and resync them, still the same ghosting and almost no depth. Out of the box I had NO ghosting at all. I am using an Optoma HD83 (HD8300 in the us). Maybe this may help. PS. Even in DLP Link Mode there is the same amount of ghosting.
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