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I have a like new all accessories ps4 with controller and 2 games ready to go. One game still in packaging never used. Kid doesnt play it thought we could use it as a Blu player but the oppo fits better.. Price wouLd be plus shipping and Paypal. Local pickup is fine.
Iguess I need the friends and family plan
Hey I want some 2's are we all out?
hey iirc you were using irule with your 600 mind if i pm you a question or two? thinking about going this route..
why do you believe the pj was or is broken? based on some information i see on the 600 i own, the findings by Chris seem dead on. Yes agree that the initial tests were not 100% valid but his corrections based on recommendations are fair.
Funny, it clearly seems to reflect that you would set the brightness and then adjust the mode and is located where it seems to reflect global applicability to the setting... My unit is set to a 2.2 gamma with the starting point the default 2.1 setting in the Sony.. The end calibration results measure and look phenomenal. I double checked my settings and clear white is off.
NoI got that part this is the brightness control for the iris..not for setting black.
Not doubting you, just wondering what the brightness control does in full auto if anything as it sounds like its disabled? The manual specifically has tips that suggest that this is what needs to be done.. or at least that's how I interpret the tips.. also there is another wonky control called clear white which caused wackiness that was disabled.Cinema Black ProAdvanced Iris[ADVANCED IRIS]Dynamic Control: Adjusts the range of movement of the iris (aperture).Full:...
shouldn't you brightness match and then turn the iris to limited or auto or possibly even leave it off?I use the following settings as set by my calibrator and iirc his workflow/process was turn all of these items off calibrate and then turn them on otherwise it caused havoc with any measurements..Personally my 600 is setAdvanced Iris Dynamic Control Off (turn on only when watching certain films)Brightness 75Contrast Enhancer OffLamp Control Lowto get to 16FL in my room.
here is a link to some shots of the oddity a 1080p pattern was causing. Same disk you mentioned..
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