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I'm being lazy and not looking up your cabinet.....Could your problem possibly stem from overheating? How is the airflow in the stand? Saying that your 818 barely fits
Oops, I meant ported
Agree with the above poster, But if you are limited to the choices listed, get the dual SB 2000's. I out Dual PB 12 NSD's in my room, and love them. 7.5h x 11w x 18d. With an open 3' doorway. Just watch for nulls.
Time for a new shelf Brian?
Save your money, Get an Internet Direct Sub. PSB cannot compete with them in terms of performance vs price. HSU, Rythmik,Bic,SVS to name a few
Have you tried a new Cable? i had a wall plate extender go bad and the same thing happened.
Congtats. You will love them
I heard they were working on a new line, but it was supposed to be a synchrony replacement
By the way your post is written, did you connect pre out to pre out? Souls the 1700 be hooked up to an I put?
From what I have read and heard, PSB's outperform their price point .
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