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Get the Imagine "s" Beautiful speakers, and can be wired to act as Rears AND Rear Surrounds.
Try adjusting the subs volume and rerunning YPAO. Seems to me, that with the AVR setting it to -10, your sub is a little too hot. Turn it down a bit and let us know your findings. As far as setting your speakers to Large, that is nothing to worry about. It is YPAO saying that you speakers can handle a larger freq response. Set them to small like you have done after running YPAO and all is good.
Unfortunately with today's listening rooms, an equalateral triangle with the MLP can be hard to achieve. This is where I let my YPAO take over. I recently tried the mains on the L AND R of the display (60") and found it to be too tight. It was not immersive at all.
Just a quick question about placement. I notice most people place the L and R speakers directly beside their monitor. Why is that. I find the farther away from the monitor, the larger the sound stage and better response. I feel more involved with what is happening on screen. Has anyone else experimented with having their mains farther apart? Or is it just me
Nope.... 37 , with a 5yr old and a 2 yr ....there is NO time to get out.
We paid upfront for the insurance. As soon as our policy is over, we are switching. On a side note, I have ALL of the paperwork from the insurance company regarding the claim. Now to go after the orange box Store....
Grab the T6's. Everyone who has them on here raves about them. They are a nice speaker, has good heft and will give you plenty of oomph. Personally, I do not like loud, I like clean. These will provide that in spades...but still let you pump when wanted. Do you plan on upgrading subs? Rears? With a room like that, I suggest Dual subs. My room is 17.5 x 10.5 x 7.5. The difference a second sub made for the HT was night and day. Its not hype. Just for shiggles, i now...
Well, to put it mildly, I am upset. Insurance is not covering anything. The emergency repair on my furnace vent found that there was little to NO glue on the vent pipe Which caused the failure. WTF!Now my next recourse is to go after the place where i purchased everything and their subcontractor. I have a lot of industry insider info, (part of my job), so the normal excuses will not work.To be totally passive aggressive, I left my latest issue of THROB(obscure...
My issue is with the Ipad Mini,as that is my main way of posting on the forums. My issue revolves around replies. I am finding that typing is slow to non existent. I will start my reply and the typing on the screen is about 5 - 7 words behind my keystrokes. Also, editing is a huge PITA, as it is so slow to react, I am deleting parts of my post that are pertinent....all for a spelling mistake. This is a more recent problem.
I'm using Imagine 'S' for my rears and Alpha 'S' for my rear presence. as for Subs, using dual SVS PB12NSD's Bic can chime in on the benefits of the Imagine s. As he uses them for both the 5.1 and 7.1 channels Will update late. Ipad is not liking the forum tonight
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