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The Focal XS Book 2.0 are very nice desktop speakers that you now can get for about $250 on Amazon . com. There are a newer version that adds Bluetooth Wireless so these one are now at reduced prices. I own a pair and are very happy with the speakers, but since they are fairly small there is no deep bass. There have been some criticism that the combined power/volume button but I have no complaints there as I have to push hard to turn on/off the speakers. They do not have...
On sa-cd.net there are some mixed opinions about the quality of SHM releases.
The line-out from my FIIO E10 is designed to be independent from the headphone output, and my guess this is what you experience. Edit: I'm very envious of your 10 thumbs up on your first post
When I was young I was broke but had excellent hearing, in contrast of today when I'm loaded but have defective hearing. I wonder how much of the "sound" of high-end (i.e. expensive) speakers/headphones caters to us geezers.
To add to ccotenj's post most people do not have a dedicated home theater and watch their movies in their living room. Even placing 5.1 in the living room can be a difficult for various reasons, never mind 9.2.
^^ That means apart from the signal routed to the sub woofer, just to be sure I understand?
I thought that the speaker config (large/small setting) was a global setting, or am I missing something here?I did a quick test on my Denon 2312 changing large/small setting with for multi channel in (SACD mch layer), stereo (SACD stereo layer) and multi ch stereo on the stereo signal and the speaker config setting did not change. Testing was done on the same input.Edit: I use an Oppo 93 that converts DSD to PCM that the Denon can understand.
Thanks, I'll try that for the On Screen Display.Btw, I think that the subtitle shift feature is great.
Thanks for all the responses to my question.For now I think I'll forgo adding a second SW as the SW placements I have are restricted (essentially one SW beside each front speaker). I do have a SPL meter for measurements, though.When I have an XT32 capable receiver I think I will revisit buying a second SW, but then it might be harder to get an identical SW to the one I have today.
The info (like bit rate and so on) about the BD disc displayed in top and bottom of image is not shown for all the zoom modes. Would be nice that this info is could be shown for all zoom modes.
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