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No idea.
The FCC database used to list a construction permit for them to switch to digital on channel 33 from Sandia Crest. That CP disappeared from the FCC database some time ago. I have no idea what their status is.
Thanks for the heads up on K43HW. They are putting a good, if uninteresting signal into Los Alamos. I was never able to get even a hint of their analog signal from the West Mesa transmitter site.
Yep, mountains can be a curse, they break up ducts and as you point out, can completely block reception on some paths. I never saw a hint of any of the UHF stations from the San Joaquin valley with my 7 ft. UHF dish antenna. But mountains can also be a blessing. From near the top of the Oakland hills I did have a gap toward the Sacramento valley. KOLO 8 Reno from Mt Rose was always there, no tropo needed. At 160 miles it was pretty weak, but by carefully nulling out KSBW...
From Oakland I have received KSBY 6 San Luis Obispo, KCOY 12 Santa Maria, and possibly KEYT 3 Santa Barbara, but I didn't get an ID on that one. This was before the digital transition. As was pointed out, co-channel issues would make it difficult to pick up LA from the Bay Area. Also the path down the coast range isn't conducive for good tropo openings.
KSAN 32 returned to the air in the 1960's. They were rebroadcasting KICU 43 from Visalia. The attached photo is from 1966. Also, I am quite certain that KNEW 32 always transmitted from Mt. Sutro, never from Mt. San Bruno.EDIT Found in my notes that KSAN 32 returned to the air on Feb, 18, 1966 and the photo is actually from June 1967. The KNEW 32 photo is from 1968
Thanks for the heads up. The signal is at about 75% here in the Jemez Mtns. Much better than their very snowy analog (about P2) signal on channel 30. Not that I need the new channel, living just 4 miles from the KCHF-DT channel 10 tower. Never watch it anyway.
I saw some Es for just a few minutes last night around 5 pm on ch 2. A bit of a puzzle as the heading was SSE, but the programing was all in English. A cartoon and some PSAs. I've seen stations from Mexico on channels 2 and 3 quite a few times since the analog shutdown. With KOB now off, that will open up another channel for DXing.
While I agree that the FCC coverage maps are a joke, I have received KNMD in both Santa Fe and the White Rock area with just a simple dipole. The key was that the antenna was outdoors, literally line of sight to the Crest, and I used a sensitive tuner, the Zenith DTT901. I can receive KNMD DT9 just fine at my home in the Jemez, 40 miles from the Crest and just 4 miles from the KCHF DT10 tower. This is with an outdoor antenna. Neither transmitter is LOS from my home...
No luck with KFAC-LD here in the Jemez Mountains, about 4 miles west of the KCHF transmitter site. They do tickle the signal strength meter on my Zenith DTT901 box, but it can't get a lock. Time to get a bigger antenna! Their antenna pattern is directional to the southwest from the Crest, so not much signal coming my way. Their analog signal was a difficult catch, it was very weak, plus adjacent channel interference from K38IM which is strong here. Paul
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