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Around $7000 I have really cut down though.
Out of all my purchases on HD DVD Heroes is easily my favorite. The only reason I have The Matrix Trilogy is that I was able to purchase it new for $20.
Heroes...Matrix trilogy is overated!
That was my point.Most of the new releases are AVC or VC-1.
Not as of latelyhttp://blu-raystats.com/index.php?OrderBy=Date
You should update that outdated sig.http://blu-raystats.com/index.php?OrderBy=Date
http://imdb.com/news/sb/2007-08-22/ "Fellow director Steven Spielberg remained unconvinced, balking at the Paramount/DreamWorks deal (as he did with Universal's exclusive deal with the HD DVD camp). A spokesman indicated that his films will continue to be released exclusively in the Blu-ray format, regardless of the studio for which they are made. DreamWorks marketing chief Marvin Levy said Tuesday that Spielberg continues to be a "big supporter of Blu-ray."
I was going to pick up Heroes and Blades of Glory on Blu-ray. Guess I'll have to settle for just Heroes...
seems like $150,000,000 is too
Disney is more than just animation. Sin City The Chronicles of Narnia National Treasure Pulp Fiction Kill Bill The Sixth Sense just to name a few
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