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Honestly, I love seeing these builds just as much as I like reading the $100k builds. Absolute amazing use of the space you have. Great job.
This is my most favorite theater I've seen on the boards. It single-handedly sold me on the Erskine Group for design plans when my time comes. While reading your thread, I noticed you referenced issues you had installing the fabric panels. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting a bit about how your fabric panels were done and speak about some of the issues? If you have some extra pictures on installing the fabric, that would be sublime. Thanks ahead.
I think perhaps you meant to post in this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1260948/star-ceilings-painted-or-fiber-optics. Simple go to that thread and click "Reply" and re-post your comment there and I think you'll have a better shot and getting some of your questions answered. Good luck!
Love the basement design. The theater is nice but to me the most impressive part is nice play/living area, kitchen, and theater combined. Great use of the space. I'm sure plenty of time is spent down there.
Thanks for the help. That website is especially useful for the future, even if it did not yield results here. I called JVC and the tech tried to help me identify the part but in the end he doesn't have a part number for D1 because it not considered a replaceable part -- they usually replace the entire board. I ordered the whole board for now -- but my hope is when I get it to be able to identify the diode off of the replacement and get the original working so I can return...
The closest one I can find (it looks about the same size as D1) is D4. All of the others are definitely different sizes.There is a N and what looks to be a marking that looks like a Tetris piece on it.Not sure how to identify the part number from that.-- Zack
Greetings I just bought a busted RS2 off of a fellow forum member, and I'm attempting to repair the damage to it. I've found the likely culprit -- a fried diode on the main processor board. The diode is labeled D1 on the PCB. The JVC part number for the board is NAL0053-001. If anyone has any inside information or can otherwise assist me in identifying the part number or specifications for this diode let me know. Any help is much appreciated. -- Zack
What kind of WiFi support is integrated in? 802.11b/g/n on the 2.4GHz band? I don't see any screen or input device on it so I was wondering how you enter your ESSID + WEP/WPA/WPA2 keys, etc. Do you have to connect it to a PC first and configure it?
Thanks guys -- you gave me plenty to take a look at.
Good evening gentleman, About 4 months ago I picked up a pair of AKG K702 headphones to replace my aging Grado's. I'm very pleased with the sound and quality with this set so far but I really feel they are underpowered without some amplification. I'm mostly just running them right off of my also aging M-Audio Revolution 7.1 soundcard. I've been trying to get the foot in the door in headphone amp stuff to do some research but the internet is polluted with Headroom....
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