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I just bought the 3311ci refurb(upgraded from 988) and need a little help guys. I'm outputting to a 60" lg plasma and a projector with a 50' hdmi. Everything works fine when I output to the tv but when I output to the projector my tivo and apple tv are fine but with my 360 and ps3 the video looks awful. I tried different cable to 360 and different hdmi input on 3311 but no change. This setup worked fine with the 988 but I couldn't output to two device so I got tired of...
I bought them yesterday and hopefully I wont regret it. Anyone else have any comments/opinions about this setup.
I think I am going to go with the rta10($470 new), csi5($250 new), and cadence csx 15($270 new). I will be buying online in the next hour or two and would some suggestions/opinions before I do. Anyone want to comment? Could I do better for the money?
I am new to this and have been reading for 6 hours/dy for 3 days and need some advice. I just bought a denon 988 ($470 new) and want to find some speakers that will work well with the denon. I have been looking at the rti10 and csi5 but would the 988 have enough power? I don't have a good audio shop near me so I am trying to do the best I can without hearing the speakers for myself. Also any suggestions on a sub? I read that polk subs are not the best. Maybe...
I just bought a harmony 550 for use with a mitsubishi HC900 projector I bought that did not have a remote and will also be used with a dvd player and a pioneer a/v receiver. I'm need to find a way to program a sleep timer for the projector since I usually fall asleep watching a dvd and don't want the projector running all night killing the bulb. As far as I know the original projector remote did not have a sleep timer function. Is there any way to set some kind of sleep...
I got him down to $425 since it didnt have the remote. Cant wait to get it setup! Thanks guys
Just bought my forst projector-mitsubishi HC900 but it didnt come with a remote. This will be setup in my bedroom 13X11 for the next year until I get a house and make a theatre room and will be mounted from the ceiling from about 8 ft from the wall. Two questions. 1. Can I use a universal remote and if so where can I find the codes? 2. The projector does not have a sleep timer but can hook it up to another component to get around this? Maybe a reciever or a...
Thank you all very much for the replies. I'm leaning toward buying it now but if have to see it in action first so I will go take a look at it tomorrow. Do most projectors have a timer like some tv's that I can check in the settings to make sure it hasn't been used much? I fairly sure he's telling the truth that it's only been used 2 hours but it would be nice to know for sure. Thanks Any more opinions if its a good deal?
I've never had a projector before and I researched as much as I could but I need some advice. A guy I know offered me an open box but used less than 2 hrs Mitsubishi HC900 projector for $450.00. I shouldn't really spend the cash now but if it's a really good deal I will pick it up. Specs can be found here http://www.mitsubishi-hometheater.co...ishi_HC900.pdf. Any thoughts? I really need some help with this one. Thanks
I have the same problem with component.
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