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Have you tried sending test patterns using a regular Blu Ray player? Just to make sure the HTPC is not the cause of your low gamma readings.
Interesting stuff guys. Guess I should post my nearfield experience. I wound up placing a Cap S2 a few inches behind my couch which is close to the center of the room. I also have 3 ported subs along room boundaries. The S2 literally fills the whole couch with bass energy, both ULF and mid bass punch. But it only adds a little to the overall SPL of the room. And by itself it does not shake my wood floor much at all. So the ported subs are critical to provide most of the...
So essentially you are giving Ralph a hard time because his Bass category is incorrectly named. Like any mainstream reviewer, he is obviously not analyzing the bass extension. He is subjectively rating how well the bass effects work to support the film. His category really should be named Low Frequency Effects. So let's just pretend that is the category name and move on.
Sounds like a little chromatic aberration which is normal. The only way it might improve is using less lens shift or a longer throw, both of which put the image more in the center of the lens. Are you liking the picture more now? There can be somewhat of a break in period as the bulb ages in the early hours.
Exactly. The good news for "grain haters" is that the big trend in movie making is digital cameras with no grain. The other thing new projector owners often notice is the large difference in Blu Ray transfers. A stellar transfer will look amazing on a large screen, but a poor transfer can wind up looking worse than on a flat panel.Mijotter- did you turn Sharpness and Detail Enhance to 0? Also, make sure your receiver is not adding any additional processing. If you are not...
Often the default Sharpness and Detail are set way too high. Try turning them both down to 0.
Avoid the Epson not for the lag, but for the SDE when sitting close to the screen. And the manual lens shift is very finicky for changing ARs (at least on my 5010).It sounds like everything is pointing towards a JVC in your future, considering you didn't mind the lag on the RS35. All the JVC models should be similar. If you can hold out for a b-stock RS46 you can get a little better 3d. But it is possible to enjoy 3d on the RS45 if it's not your priority and you approach...
Most likely you need to hook the PS3 directly to the projector just to enable 3D. After that, your receiver should pass the 3D signal fine. I've seen this behavior before and it's not about passing the 3D signal, but about how the PS3 detects a 3D display in order to enable 3D.
I've tried several 3D PS3 games on my 5010 and there was very little ghosting, maybe even less than on BDs.(The same games on my RS55 were horrible for ghosting) The Sony HW50 reportedly ghosts badly on 3D games, much worse than its BD performance. Perhaps that is what you were thinking of.
After going 2.5 years, I would wait a little longer and save for a JVC with eshift, which IMO is the right machine for your setup. I still love my RS55 and likely won't upgrade until true 4k becomes more affordable. My setup is similar with a 125" wide 2.35 screen viewed from 10.5 ft. But I used to spend a lot of time sitting closer and marveling at how much detail was visible while still remaining film like.
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