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Rich, do you get the same impressions with eShift turned off? The upscaling/sharpening definitely creates an image different than the original source. IMO the vast majority of the time it looks better. However, film purists may not agree...
You can set it up just like a fixed anamorphic lens, using only one output configuration and user memory. The shrink command restores the correct geometry instead of a lens. Then you are able to use the AR buttons on the remote. Very easy to set up and user friendly. Only downside is there is scaling going on for 2.35 which may or may not be an issue on real content.
Sure, but I've heard of compatibility issues going through some receivers. And of course it doesn't work with 3D.
Yep, the Edge can't properly do the shrink method like the older models. The Lumagen HDP has very good scaling and can do the shrink method a couple of different ways. Only downside is it uses DVI. Have you tried shrinking 16:9 with your HTPC?
Agreed. I think this is a less talked about advantage of using an A-lens. Essentially you are using a longer throw ratio which results in higher on/off contrast. So the combination of a little more brightness and a little higher on/off could be bringing out more detail compared to zooming. That said, I'm really enjoying my zoomed RS55 sitting at 1.0xSW. The e-shift images are sharp, smooth and detailed enough that I'm not too worried about what I'm missing with an A-lens....
Sounds like he may have. But there may be others wishing they could afford the Sony 1000 who might be very happy with the "poor man's 4K" RS55.
Have you seen an RS55? One of it's biggest selling points is the ability to sit very close to the screen and maintain excellent PQ. Granted the Sony 95 may be a better all around projector from more typical viewing distances.
When comparing 2.35:1 and 2.40:1 screens of the same width, the 2.35:1 will give you a little more height. If you are width limited, this is a good reason to choose the 2.35:1To be honest, I think you will find a 106" wide scope screen viewed from 14ft to be a little small. Many people find that with a scope screen they can sit closer and/or use a larger screen than they thought without it feeling overwhelming. This is because the height of the screen tends to be more...
Great feedback, Art. Do you think you would still use your ISCO III with the Sony? I think a lot of people would be interested in your opinion.
I just remember someone reporting it could do a fair amount of shrink by either the zoom commands or maybe something like overscan/underscan. But this was some time ago so not new.
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