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I'd be willing to bet that both discs are identical. Why you're seemingly experiencing two completely separate transfers is anyone's guess, and there have been a handful of silent replacements - The Descent from Lionsgate, for example - but unless you can provide real world examples like screenshots and bitrate graphs to prove the two transfers really are different, I'm going to assume they are not. If they are it should be easy to show a measurable difference. After all,...
Nope, that was Brandon's wife who wasn't interested. Mine was just disappointed it wasn't as over the top as my affection for it had left her expecting.
I was just kidding, I'm sure she's lovely. That said, my own wife's reaction to Heavy Metal always makes me laugh: "Geez, I thought there'd be boobs every five seconds! This is so boring..." With any luck Shout! Factory has figured out the legal quagmire preventing COONSKIN's home video release and we can finally have a proper release of what I think is Bakshi's best film.
Better late that never, right? The US release is a new BD50/AVC encode, and by all counts mops the floor with the old MPEG2 import. I thought it looked pretty great myself, though I may have only flipped around to a few scenes at the time. Just avoid the BD release of Craven's original and you're all set.
Hardly wife material, then, I'd say... I've done nothing but put off the UK release for one reason or another, so getting it in a fancy, glossy digibook is a nice incentive to stop being so forgetful. I love the film, even if it's far from Bakshi's best.
The point is that it ensures them no direct competition for a period of time and makes their product appear valuable (for lack of a better description). If they DIDN'T license a film for a few years, Sony could turn around and re-release the film a week after the Twilight Time Blu-ray sould out. That buffer between their street date and anyone else having it (even Sony) is what makes the "Limited Edition" tag mean something. If Fright Night was available for $15 a month...
Like I've said (elsewhere?) from the start - the license itself is time sensitive, and will block any directly competing release for a number of years. If Arrow Video gets the rights, I assume it'll be Region B locked to prevent competition in the same theoretical region. 3 years seems shorter than "normal"`licensing period of 5-7 years, but I'm sure it's cheaper for Twilight Time... and hey, what would they do with another 2-4 years with Fright Night anyway?
I would have kinda preferred they crammed all of the features on 3 BDs too just for the simplicity of getting from Point A to Point B, but why bother? It was all produced in SD anyway and I wouldn't be surprised if many of those bonus discs were pulled from the EE DVD (though I haven't checked to be sure). Is it THE Definitive, Final edition of the Lord of the Rings? Probably not. Is it going to be good enough for most fans (FOTR tinge aside)? Probably. For $120 MSRP and...
...are you kidding? There's over 26 hours of bonus features in the EE box set. In terms of bonus content, what more could New Line possibly even give these films?
It's a bit dull based on the handful of scenes I watched (I actually tried to look for some of the more now-infamous scenes ) , but I can't point to something nearly as sure-fire as, say, the end credits being not-white and say "Ah! Well, that's clearly a f*** up." in regards to the generally dull contrast.FOTR EE is frustrating, but it's not the train wreck some have implied. It's a mostly good transfer marred by some slightly weird lapses in QC - but for an expensive,...
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