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100% wrong my friend, no tattoo artist is going to improve on a pretty girl -- the greatest creation of all.Brian
Marky Mark has made some pretty good strides as an actor and this looks pretty interesting. Define buy on BR when it come out... Brian
You see, I could have said ... I'm guessing Dean won't be one of them thought Dbuudo07 most likely is.I could have said that but I didn't...Brian
How about Erin Heatherton, Victoria Secret model and a bit part in Grown Ups 2. I suspect there'll be some with the "too young" and/or "too skinny" comments, but I'm guessing Dean won't be one of them... Advance to 1:56 for her appearance... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhOWtVElqfw Only recently heard of her and was unaware she was dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Brian
Francesca Gagnon... Perhaps best known for her role in Cirque Du Soleil this woman has an amazing voice. NONE of the pop divas are even in the same league as her. See link below ... takes a couple minutes to get to her singing but worth it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqUVb6L95y0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_wTgZXD8GQ Brian
You can't blame the Japanese government for wanting manufacturing jobs then any more than you can blame the Chinese now. In the mid 60's the USA made something like 95% of all the TV set in the world but the US retailers were pushing for cheaper and it was them that started the exodus to Japan. Is the Wal*mart of today any different? You can't blame them when it has always been us... Brian
I just picked up the BR for OUATITW and although there are scenes in it I seem to remember seeing I don't think I've ever seen the whole movie before. That said, this is an amazing movie no mater the genre and stands apart from most Westerns in pacing and photography perspective. Add to that the Morricone score with the haunting "Jill's theme" and you certainly have a masterpiece. The length of the movie will tend to make repeat watching less frequent but movie length...
An online retailer basically has warehouses from which they ship to the customer. A B&M has to have warehouses to but they also have the retail stores and salesmen -- there is no comparison to the cost structure as online will always be cheaper. What many do is go to a B&M to check stuff out then buy online for less. So, in effect, the B&M is paying to provide the hands-on experience and the online outfit, which doesn't offer that service, gets the sale because...
That was a great ad and the chemistry between the little girl and dad is just wonderful. Yes, the teenage daughter is beautiful, but the sole of the ad is the interaction between dad and 6 year old. Brian
I don't any any attention to the guy and of the girls the one on the bottom is much prettier. Brian
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