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Sounds like a bad cap problem on the Composite, S-Video, Coax board. I would check that board for bad bulging leaking capacitors. The board is probably located at the rear inputs, the coax, composite and S-Video ports being physically attached to it, with the front inputs connected to it by wire. It could be that there are 2 separate boards for the Component and VGA inputs and the Composite/SVideo/Coax or it could be just two separate paths on the same board.
I am using a Panasonic from the late 70s or early 80s. 20"
Toshiba? Panasonic? Mitsubishi? JVC? Looking to pick up a 19" to 27" CRT set from the mid to late 90s. Sony Trinitron is the obvious answer, but giving some others a looksee too.
The Video Filter still available?
Ive always liked Insignia as a good value budget brand. They took a significant step up in PQ by going to these Vertical Array panels in most of their lineup of LCDs this past year, 2012....especially with regards to black level which is critical to Image Quality. Great bargain.
I have an ultra cheapie. However Belomo loupes are the way to go. Made in Eastern Europe (or Russia) I believe. Great quality at good prices (compared to Zeiss, Leica, Schneider, Rodenstock, Nikon, etc), but you dont need a fancy loupe to spy the subpixel structures. I recommend the 12x and 15x Belomo loupes. Bausch & Lomb Hastings 14x loupes are good too. Something higher than 10x and lower than 20x gives you good compromise in magnification and field of view,...
I spotted a late 90s Panasonic VCR in the movie V/H/S...with the blue strip on the tape door.
My guess is that they are MVA panels. I think Chei Mei is now making an MVA panel, so if I was to guess this would be a Chei Mei(Red China) MVA panel. Au Optronics (Taiwan) was the original creator of the MVA LCD pixel style. Samsung S-PVA 8th generation would be more expensive. The Samsung panels have a more elongated rectangular sub-subpixel and pronounced V striations, as compared to the MVA panels. They are both vertical array and function very similarly, darkening...
Just wanted to let everyone know that the Taiyo Yudens and the Verbatim AZO DVD-R's are working well. Also I recorded a show off the tuner (Elementary) whilst watching a DVD at the same time with the 537. Sweet!
Excited about getting a couple of new The Video Filters! What is the ETA on production?
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