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Monoprice always has a good selection of mounts at great prices.
I bounce around from interest to interest. Ive been heavily involved in politics lately. High Five!
To be honest, I always found it rather subtle. I recommend a cheap loupe purchase for any LCD TV shopper...regardless.
Sounds like an issue with one of the video processing boards. Sony service center can probably fix it.
Did these sets have a lot of issues and break downs?
I was looking at the E420i-B0 but the the lack of Smooth Motion Interpolation was kind of a downer. The M422i-B1 looks right up my alley though.
I think Vizio already made that TV in 2011. The 42, 47, 55 XVT**3SV. And I missed it. (except for the WiFi Internet Streaming Apps anyways)
Im all over the M422i-B1 if I can see the panel first. Hopefully an MVA panel of some sort.
My dream TV would have Fully Array LED backlighting and Local Dimming with over 100 zones. No WiFi or Internet. No 3D. True 10bit panel. True 120 Hz refresh rate. And Smooth Motion Interpolation (switchable off). Slim profile. True Matte Screen. And 4 or more HDMI ports, 1 VGA, 2 Composite with one on side. S-Video. 2 Component. Optical AND RCA analog stereo sound out. And 1x1 pixel mapping (no overscan) option. Is that too much to ask?
Im interested to know what panels each model size is using. Anybody know where the M422I-B1 can be viewed locally?
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