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Seems like I read somewhere that Dolby true hd struggles with seamless branching movies. That is one of the reasons DTS is becoming the standard on blu-ray releases. Edit Found a article http://www.blu-raystats.com/NewsLog/2010/01/15/dts-hd-master-audio-becoming-the-blu-ray-standard/ I also found some articles saying Cinevia is not reliable with DTSMA sound tracks, Maybe Sony is forced to use Dolby and accept possible drop outs.
I can't from blockbuster due to all of them closing in my area but i did rent Hunger Games from my local rental place( Family Video ) and it was the retail version with DTS MA 7.1
Due to this, I have actually started going back to the video rental stores(not blockbuster). The blu rays are "retail versions" and they come out on the release date. I picked up the Avengers last night, they even had 3d disk available. Granted its more expensive then netflix or redbox but I paid 3.50 for a new release blu ray and it was a retail version. After I watch some of the older movies in my queue, I will be canceling netflix. It was a little nostalgic...
I never had the NeoTV550, that was Sholling.
So, I ended up buying a Dune Smart D1. My first impression of the Dune was disappointment. The GUI was horrendous, Reminded me of windows 3.1. I even tried to return it but was shot down. I had planned on using a movie jukebox like Yadis. So I dug deep into a forums and discovered the user skins and icons which made it bearable. I now love the dune for its ability to play just about every thing out there and how it handles blu-ray iso's with branching files. Not to...
I've also looked at the Lenovo Q180 and running XBMC on it, but from what i have read, its very involved in setting up.
No one has anything to add?
So I have a WD live tv hub and overall I like the unit, I like the internal Hard drive, GUI and file support. I am unhappy that WD will never enable DTS-MA pass through(due to licensing) and Western digital seems to be more focused on adding apps and breaking basic operating task like playing M2TS files (last firmware). The current Firmware is outputing PCM 7.0 via the HDMI with MP3's, Pandora etc.. which is causing havoc with receivers. I am looking for something...
channel wise for me, they both have the same in the "200 channel" packages with HD. There may be some slight differences but they have the channels I want. Price is pretty much the same as well. A friend just got Direct TV and his box is kinda slow in the menu department but so is my Motorola box with Insight.
I presently have cable but I am tired of the limited or fluff hd content with my cable provider. Dealing with picture Quality alone(hd and sd) Which service is better, Dish or Direct TV? This would be directed to someone who has went from dish~direct or direct~dish.
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