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It looks like I'll need to buy a plug and play drive perhaps from WeekKnees, as I am not comfortable with the Linux boot disc process, etc.
The reset and delete did not fix the problem. Is there any way to "reformat" the hard drive. Also, I've taken the case apart and can easily access the hard drive, which looks like an ordinary computer drive. Can I simply replace the drive myself? I am mechanically inclined, and electrical engineer, and am capable of doing electronics work/soldering, etc, bnut not sure if there's any special things that need to be done if I replaced the drive myself. Thanks
My intent is to only run oTA. Until a couple of days ago, I haven't had any problems since last November.
OK, another twist to my problem. The unit will lock up with the antenna connected (over the air - not cable). The instant I disconnect the attenna, the unit frees up and the menus and playback work fine. If I connect again, the unti instantly locks up. How in the world can an antenna connection prevent the TIVO from working?
I've had my Series 3 since last November, and it has worked flawlessly, until last night. The main TIVO menu screen (with the searchlights and lightbulb runners in the background) started to freeze up (I could tell when the subtle movement of the background image stuttered on and off). The menu items locked up and it wouldn't let me pick a menu item to go to. I was able to sluggishly play recorded items when the problem started, then it froze up more and more. I tried...
I was also lucky. After dealing with a cloudy October and November set, BB in Attleboro, MA allowed me to take their July 2006 demo 46 XBR2 just before Xmas. Got it home, and was ecstatic to discover it was cloud and pixel free. It's got some corner brightness on no input, but in all corners and it's uniform-not at all patchy. It's not even detectable when watching source material. Thus, I am happy with the set. I had my fingers crossed for the group with the...
On my second bad set, some time in December, I loosened all the outside casing screws, even the inner ones with the "torx" head (can get these screwdrivers at home depot or loews). This loosening had no effect. I even went as far as removing the back cover (not recommended unless you're mechanically inclined and a competent tinkerer) and loosened screws that appeared to hold the LCD panel in place. Nothing at all had an effec on the clouding. I even turned the TV on...
I also had this problem when I bought mine in November. My signal is from attenna, though, which may be a different situation than yours being on cable. I determined it was an HD signal strength issue, because the freezing and pixelization occured also while watching the same channel live straight on the TV, bypassing the TIVO. The signal strenght was something like 40% (I forget - it's been a while). Haven't had a problem since adjusting the antenna.
Welcome to the July 2006 club. I was also lucky enough to trade in my second defective October set at Best Buy for their July 2006 floor model. Nice to finally experience the picture the way it was meant to be!
I've only used OTA signals, because I was never happy with the lack of reliability of local cable service years ago. Most channels were OK and many were snowy and not very good on my 17 year old Mitsubishi 26 in. CRT. Once I hooked up the new Sony 46XBR2 and did my digitial channel search, I do not have one snowy channel now with the digital equivalents! And HD is phenomenol. 1080i signals from the two or three channels transmitting them is so razor sharp and clear, I...
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