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Genius. Worked great (Cinemotion 2)!Thanks for the quick reply!
Stupid question for other nx810 owners... Does anyone notice the image on their nx810 seems very "depthy"? What I mean is that it seems like the like the set's trying to make a 2D image appear 3D without wearing glasses. It happens on all sources (SAT, PS3 BR movies), and 3D is disabled. Is this a setting (like MotionFlow?) that is causing this? Maybe I'm just not used to the quality of this set, but I am coming from a not-so-old 46" XBR3...
I'm trying to wire 4 outdoor speakers (Yamaha NSAW150), but they don't seem to be getting enough power. Is is possible to run speaker wire out of a speaker selector, into an amp, then to the speakers? Here's the scenario... I have a Technics amp/receiver. I have a Left and Right speaker wire(s) coming out of the 'B Speaker' into the Left and Right speaker connections of a (Omage AT4V) speaker selector. From the speaker selector, I am running 4 speaker wires to 4...
I am on my second 46" XBR2 in the past 3 weeks, and have had clouding problems with both. Same trouble as everyone else describes.... "Clouding" noticeable when shuffling through inputs, while playing 360, watching TV/Movies, etc.. all during dark scenes. Both were manufactured in October 2006. I am going back to FS to see if I can get one manufactured in August.
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