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Sorry Mike, missed this question. I think that'd be fine - I used my Yamaha Aventage A2000 for a little while before I bought the Marantz processor. Worked fine.
I have a Marantz AV7005. I'd love to have a D2V or something, but I just can't see myself dropping that kind of coin on a processor that'll need to be upgraded in a few years for the latest codecs/HDMI/whatever.
Hey Mike - I have a pair of 1028Be, a 1008Be CC and 1000Be SR speakers.I use an Anthem MCA-50 to power the whole deal and I'm beyond pleased. I had a PVA 5 previously and was happy with it, but the MCA is a whole 'nother level in power. I'd recommend staying w/i the Anthem family - I love their kit.
I can confirm it is a huge step up - but for the price delta, it better be Loved my 700/800Vs when I owned them, but the Be stuff is just crazy nice.
Hey thanks, I really appreciate the advice!
Great suggestion, that'd probably be a good idea since I doubt I'd get much back selling it.
I don't have the PBK. Not a bad idea though.
I did forget to mention, I would also considering picking up an additional Ultracube 12 if that's a viable option. It's $1300 though (minus a small discount I assume), so it's a pretty expensive option that I assume isn't the best for that price.
Thanks! I may be slightly underreporting the size of the room, but that should be in the ballpark. Let's say 2500 cu ft. at most. It's a "bonus room" above my garage.That's a good budget estimate, of course spending less is always welcome.
Good afternoon, I currently have a home theater setup that is used for about 80/20 movies/music. My 5 channel setup is all Focal Electra Be stuff, 1028Be floorstanders in the front, the 1008 Be CC, and SR 1000 Be dipoles in the rear. These are powered by a Marantz AV7005 preamp and an Anthem MCA-50 amplifier. My subwoofer is a Paradigm Ultracube 12 that was brought over from my old house where I had a living room setup. I now have a dedicated room (20x13x8) and I think...
New Posts  All Forums: