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What combination of materials would work best to achieve the blackest screen when used with an Optoma EH501 (5000 lumens--well, probably only 4000), or a similar light cannon. ? I assume I can go darker with the screen the brighter the projector. Correct? I have a W6000 (only 2500 lumens--again, way less in reality I'm sure) and a Da Lite Da Mat .8 gain grey screen. Great when it's dark, but grey is just not dark enough in brightish conditions, so I need as black as...
I'm not sure how much you dug around that site, but that wasn't just regular tint. It was photochromic tint, which sounded like the recent film you were posting about that lightens and darkens depending on ambient light.
New Design, is this the kind of stuff you are talking about? http://www.chameleonfilm2u.com/index.php/products/residential-series
Assume the following order: mylar, blue film, green film, red film, charcoal rear projection material, diffuser. Would it be possible to find an optimal balance using lighter (less saturated?) blue, green, and red films along with a slightly lighter (less dark) rear projection material? Maybe get a good percentage out of what both improves upon without excluding one or the other?
I just wanted to say thanks for all of your experimentation (and sharing all of your results with us)! Please continue! Once you have finalized the best non-painted screen for bright conditions, I will give 'er a go. While my .8 gain, grey screen is adequate, I would love to see better blacks during the day.
I suggest ripping as many movies on your ripping machine (not the media server) that will fit first (leave 50GB open on your fastest drive). Then, use ClownBD to convert all of those movies to BD folder structure using the "batch" function (ISO is an unnecessary step that adds time). Include all of the subtitles of a single language of your choice (so, you won't have to waste time figuring out which movie has forced subs and which subs are the forced subs). If you use the...
One question before I order: is there any added delay when changing channels?
I'm pretty sure that the soap opera effect is from interpolation, which the 6000 cannot do.
The music totally ruined it for me like in The Last Exorcism. Why would there be music, and why is a person's mouth blurred when cursing? Are they saying that we are watching the edited footage of what took place? If so, that makes it even more ridiculous.
Does the HDMI Detective make changing channels instantaneous?
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