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It was blurred on the HD-DVD too.
Yeah, that looks like ass compared to the other Blu-Ray out. Compare this screenshot from the MKV 720p rip to the video You can actually see the faces and details compared to the pure white in the trailer.
I bought a L32A403 a month ago and it's a fantastic set. 4 HDMI slots, no problems with gaming and cheap. I got it from NewEgg for $385 after Bing and Paypal discounts. My settings are: Contrast - 60 Brightness - 40 Color - 50 Tint - 0 Sharpness - 58 Color Temp - High Backlight - 15
Yeah, the home experience is different. The theater doesn't use the blue/red glasses anymore.And the theater ones are bigger and fit comfortably over glasses.
Have you two actually watched a 3D movie at the theater lately? Most of the time, it is used to give a sense of depth to the movie instead of the "AAHHH _____ is coming out of the screen at me" gimmick from 80s/90s. Don't get me wrong, poor movies still do that but the good ones (Coraline, UP, etc) don't.
I took it with ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 2 after breaking the DRM with AnyDVD HD. I didn't mess with anything besides saving the .bmp as a .jpg with The GiMP (98% quality). That's what the program gave me :/
This seems to be using a new transfer. HD-DVD screenshot I took Blu-Ray screenshot from DVD Beaver
Anybody else have version 2 crash when you try to play either Requiem For A Dream or The Quick & The Dead?
The director's cut of Kingdom Of Heaven is massively different than the theatrical cut. You owe it to yourself to give it a watch.
Or him bringing a stuffed deer for dinner
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