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I got this in from Amazon yesterday and watched about an hour before I fell asleep (not from boredom, from exhaustion, that will teach me to start a movie at one in the morning) Packaging It comes in a normal HD-DVD case with a 12 page booklet. It has a foreword on Pierre Boulez written by Wolfgang Stahlr in English, German and French. Video The back of the box says that this is a "1080i High Definition 16:9 1:78:1" Honestly, I wasn't expecting much...
They announced it, they should follow through.
Amazon shipped out my Mahler 2nd HD-DVD today. I had it overnighted so I should have it in my hands tomorrow.
Region free so yes.
Even better would be The History Channel show Gangland. They did a full hour show on Frank Lucas and Leroy "Nicky" Barnes that includes interviews.http://video.google.com/videosearch?...er&sitesearch= My copy of American Gangster should be in on Tuesday.
They announced a bunch of titles in the UK leading all the way to June. This doesn't really surprise me (besides the price)
It's completely computer animated.
Order placed, can't beat $43.38 shipped for three movies.It has a date and a price...that means it isn't a placeholder. It could be a mistake (mistaken DVD listing) but not a placeholder.
I own Bourne Identity (bought it from Amazon as the Bourne Trilogy) and I sold 300 (which I bought on release - horrible movie)
http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...nd+Of+Brothers Everything is in English with no subtitles besides the bonus documentary which has forced Japanese subs. The menus are "Jap crap" though.
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