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Imagine that
I wouldn't go that far. Amazon has yet to cancel my preorder even though they pulled the link. I guess it was just been pushed back a little bit.
They are on the SD side.
From the main post.
I was right and Amazon gave me a $5 voucher for my trouble
I imagine that the first one is a mistake (probably the DVD version listed as HD-DVD) while the second one is the real HD-DVD pre-order. I still pre-ordered the first one hoping that Amazon will honor the mistake but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets fixed some time in the coming weeks.
When player prices come down or Microsoft releases a Blu-Ray attachment for the 360, I'll buy in. Until then, I can wait.
I'm all over it. $10 movies from Amazon. $13ish movies from B&N.com $25 for Bridge To Terabithia import $40 for a mint copy of The Complete Matrix Trilogy Why wouldn't you jump in if you already have a HD-DVD player? The discs will always work even if the format dies and it isn't like the quality will be any better on Blu-Ray.
Yes. I bought the Bridge To Terabithia import for $25 from some guy over at AVS right after the Warner announcement.
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