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JoeDawson, you rock man! This one had me stumped until I discovered your post. Thanks much
Sign me up for the project. My RS45 should be here in a week or so and I'll be buying a meter shortly. Thanks for organizing this!
How can you say this! A quick search yielded this list of 1.78 sources: Avatar Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland The Hurt Locker The Godfather The Godfather II The Shining Blade Runner (1.66) Finding Nemo Toy Story Up Beauty and the Beast The Little Mermaid The Shining A Clockwork Orange Charlie and the Choc. Factory The Pelican Brief Planet Earth (documentary) ...
Sorry to nit pick but Mark seems to disagree with this part.I would suggest looking at high power screens. Turning the brightness of a projector down seems to be a lot easier than turning it up. You can weigh out the pros/cons with viewing angles.
I just want to say, FI is the work of SATAN! Lol
IMO, unless you set up a double blind A/B test and can pick the superior codec 10 of 10 times, any claim of hearing a difference seems pretty meaningless. If you haven't actually followed through with an experiment, how could you come to a conclusion like that. I would expect AVSers to be more sceptical rather than just jump to whatever conclusion is fun to say. It's Audio Video Science right? P.S. AV snobs are lame
$10 guarantee where and how?
The fact of the matter is, in the current state of things, Sony's greed will destroy any chance of HDM taking off. I think I remember reading somewhere the reason VHS triumphed over Beta. It had something to do with being a more affordable and practical upgrade. Sony has constantly spouted off about bluray's massive superiority and how their customers will "see the difference and pay more accordingly". Only the elitist AV owners are gonna give those claims any thought...
Im just curious, is anyone else a little irritated by the FUD that gets posted on the front page of AVS? Variety magazine says HD DVD is done for huh. Whoopdeedoo! OP nice work on that image btw. I think thats how many of us feel right now.
Am I thinking of getting out? Um no. HD DVD will always be the enthusiast HD format in my book. If they ever come out with a bluray player that actually supports the features on the discs, is reasonably priced, and isn't a god forsaken game system, I will consider buying it. The road ahead is a long one for Sony. Anyone who thinks the PS3 is going to find its way into every household that wants to play bluray movies might be a little overly optimistic.
New Posts  All Forums: