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Thanks MM! Got mine hung tonight and it looks pretty damn good in complete dark, for just a hang and shoot. I'm on the fence if I want to paint it or not, I think I'll really like the paint on a Sunday afternoon watching football.
This seems to come at about the perfect time! I'm looking to set up a screen for my PJ in my basement. It's an Infocus sp5700 that is probably not going to last long but I hope it'll get me through the winter. This material will be almost perfect since I can only mount my PJ 15' away because of the basement setup, I can only get a 96" picture out of it. I can likely get the room blacked out but wouldn't mind just a hint of ambient light. Would you recommend...
About 90 minutes and I had the t.v. back up and going! It's great! At times I think that the picture could be out of focus, but it could just be my eyes getting used to not getting around the dots...*shrug*. As a side note, I would recommend taking that pad off the heatsink and putting some thermal paste on it. Those pads are mostly useless, and maybe putting some decent thermal paste on there might help the heat exchange a bit. I've been building computers for a...
Hey folks, Just a little FYI for ya. My GF was doing some searching and found that some people filing complaints with the NJ BBB (I guess that's where Samsung's HQ is) were getting their sets fixed compliments of Samsung. I can't confirm or deny that this actually works but it's worth a shot. She said that she too filed a complaint So I guess we'll see what happens. I've already ordered a chip, and it finally shipped yesterday after 3 weeks of being on back order. ...
I forgot, but I've got an hls5086w, that I bought in November of 06. Lamp hours are almost 5300 I think so I've gotten quite a lot of use out of it in the 2+ years. Bad news is my bulb is probably not too far behind. Anyone remember the bulb life on these bad boys? My GF called Samsung about it and they said "Yeah, we've had a lot of complaints on that but there is no recall at this time". So a nice way of saying "go eff yourself".
Not really a club I'd like to be a member of, but I'm here to sign up. Started today with 1 dot, then another appeared after it was turned off and turned back on. I was halfway hoping that it would cost to much and it was time for a new 1080p flat screen, but I can live with this one if I can really get it fixed for 200 bucks. Nice to have other people to lean on.
nVidia 9800GTX+ Also, when I force it to 4:3 via zoom the right and left edges are still cut off. Wouldn't the overscan go away? That's the way it works with my samsung DLP on cable. When in 4:3 on SD channels there is no overscan on the left and right, but when I set it to 16:9 there is. *shrug* edit: There is also overscan over cable hooked directly to the t.v. I noticed this from a logo on one of the SD channels.
Hey guys, I've also got that firmware version and I have the overscan over HDMI from my PC, VGA is 1:1. What drivers are you using for the t.v.? Generic PnP monitor? Doubt it matters, just curious. I guess it doesn't really matter since I've got a vga cable that I can use.
Hey guys, I got this t.v. a week or two ago and really like it. I've got it in my computer room and was hoping to use it as a computer monitor. I have a dvi->vga adapter hooked up to the t.v. and it works great. I ordered an dvi->hdmi cable and I"m having some problems. Basically the picture is "stretched" outside the edges of the t.v. Best I can tell all the settings are correct, computer has it set to 1920x1080 and the t.v. is showing that. I've got it in wide,...
I can't imagine sitting 6.5' from a 50" t.v. That's way too close.
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