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Coming April 29th according to XBOX Mag. They're giving away a free month to new subscribers and doing a bunch of giveaways from the 29th-May 30th.
What ever happened to the demo? Are we not getting one?
I think he is referring to the Battlefield games, and not Bad Company.
I was hoping it would be the map packs to test the new disc size. (Wishful thinking.)
I don't think they'll mind because it's basically a gift, but what do you mean by "full control"?
I need some info on the family plan... Is it possible for me to buy a family plan for my girlfriend and myself, as well as two friends if they bring their profiles to my house? Will they be able to take their profiles home and play on their systems with no problems?
I've been wondering the same thing.
How is the DPad?
I thought they asked for one, then asked to re-enter it.
I signed up but may have made a mistake... Did they ask for the console serial or console ID? (They are both 12 digit numbers)
New Posts  All Forums: