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Got a DSPL If the mail today only to realize (i think) that the Denon 2312ci doesn't send test tones to zone 2. All 5.1 speakers will get the white noise but the speakers in zone 2 (off if a second amp) don't look to be part if the menu.I assume that I need to get a source and play the test tone though these speakers and then calibrate -/+ for the decimals on the right and left in the zone 2 speaker setup menu? There does not seem to be a way to set the distance in zone 2...
Thanks for the quick reply. Will read up on manually configuring the speakers and do so this weekend.Separately I'd like to thank you for the excellent batpigworld material as well. It has been a great help and is MUCH appreciated.
Thanks everyone for the quick reply. I had hoped that audyssey would apply to zone 2 but now I know. No problem. Re: Driving the Salk speakers with the internal amps off of the Denon- actually the Denon has done quite well. I had the Adcom in the shop (power supply) and drove the Salks for a few weeks. I was amazed at the efficiency of the speaker/ ability of the amp to drive them. I definitely had to turn it up, but not too much actually. Not sure if the Adcom is really...
I have searched the forum but do not think that this question has come up. Apologies if this has been answered in advance. My setup: I have a Denon 2312CI (and yes.. have gone through the ARC issues in the past)... For Zone 1: I have the 5 speaker connection for Zone 1 connected to a Def Tech Sound Bar that sits under my TV in the Family Room. Also use an Hsu Reasearch STF-2 in this room. For Zone2: I have the 2312CI pre-outs connected to a GFA-555 and then out of that...
Just got an SSA42 and am going to use it with a 2312ci. Would be interested in what you found! Thanks. Setup sub is a Hsu REsearch STF-2.
I am looking at the 3313CI versus the 4411CI. Why do you say that? Is it the Universal players that you are talking about only? Please provide more detail if you can. Thanks.
Amen. I'm following this post and I think that people need to keep in mind this isn't a cure for cancer we are waiting on... Dear crbaldwin, I promise you nobody reads these posts to keep up to date on your complaints.
That seems like a pretty good price. Would like to know your thoughts, setting up and where you are using in the house. thanks.
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