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Dude, already done: 2001 A Space Odyssey.
Sorry, I hadn't thought that it was really a spoiler given that the comment referred to the other movie and the original book. I'll go and edit spoiler tags in. Casey
Interesting that you haven't touched on the single biggest change made: in the book and the Swedish film, Spoiler   [[SPOILER]] Casey[[Ah, thanks Lee. You edit and mine collided. I'll leave yours in place.]]
Actually I'd just say, "hold off on buying the UMC-1 for a bit till they get through the shake-out phase and then decide if it offers you appropriate value for the price." I own the DMC-1 which was their previous top-of-the-line pre-processor but I didn't buy it until it was very late in its life-cycle (mostly because I hadn't heard of Emotiva till I started looking around after getting a job after leaving school). The DMC-1 has worked without any issues at all. Some...
Yes, it's safe. Emotiva generally has pretty good products -- I own the DMC-1/MPS-1 from a couple of years ago. Where Emotiva tends to have problems is in the "Birthing Stage" of getting a new pre-processor out the door. This isn't too surprizing because pre-processors are so crazy complicated these days. But the Good News(tm) is that they are also pretty good about following up on bug reports and providing firmware fixes. A good example of this is their new UMC-1. ...
I have a friend who's looking at an LG 37LG50 and is asking my opinion since I've spent so much time in the past researching TVs. Unfortunately: 1. "The past" is a key phrase here because after I decided on a Pioneer KRP-600M and bought it last spring I haven't actually done much research. 2. I focused almost entirely on plasmas when I was doing my research and I think that he may want to end up with an LCD because of price and ambient light ...
Hhmmm, being a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan I have to say that the plot elements sound awfully familiar ... Casey
Done.It's currently set to LPCM ... Let me try switching it to bitstream ... ... Yep, that worked. Guess I'll have to send an update to Oppo. Time to go look at my DMC-1 manual and see what audio format it supports. I would have thought that if it couldn't handle LPCM that it would have thrown an error ...Yep. I like the DMC-1 but it is getting a bit long in the tooth in this insanely fast moving field. I honestly have no idea how the "average jane and john" ever...
In a way that my previous DVD player (a Denon 3930ci) didn't trigger? I think I'm going to have to get access to a second DVD player for comparison purposes. (Again I'm irritated with myself for jumping the gun on selling my Denon. Oh well. Mistakes are learning opportunities.)Well, maybe fewer problems than I originally though (see above).Not yet, I have to figure out how to submit a problem report ... which is my next step ...Casey
Honestly, out of ~2M pixels == ~6M RGB sub-pixels, I wouldn't worry about a single dead sub-pixel. Can you really see it from your normal viewing distance on normal program material??? Casey
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