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Does anyone know: 1. Does time warner plan any service to remote program my DVR? 2. Does Time Warner plan to allow sharing shows between boxes in my house?
I have two questions. One, how do I find my software version? I am in Kansas City Time warner cable and I did the select button down arrow thing and see a 9 page diags screen but can not see the software version there. What am I doing wrong? Also, the person at the cable store showed me the option to select which time you want a series to record, like a show that is on twice a day. But I swear i don't have that option on my 8300hd. Any ideas why?> Thanks!! Sheila
Am I the only one who would feel like a jerk ordering two TVs when I know I was going to return one and make someone sell it as refurbished. I see a lot of that stuff from members here. It is one thing returning a defective TV but getting two just for a side by sode comparison and sending a perfectly good one back seems a little tacky.
I hope someone can give me some advice. I am leaning towards the sharp but worry about banding.
62U What is better about the 64U?
Costco has both side by side at the store by my house! I think the sharp looks a little better but there is so much talk about banding issues with sharp that I am not sure what to think! People also complain that the Phillips has no backlight control so i am not sure about that either. Has anyone looked at these two and made a decision?
OK, I have decided on an ONKYO HT-SR800 but have a couple of questions I hope this forum can answer. I really appreciate the help from users who have experienced these same issues. THANKS!!! My 52 inch Phillips HDTV had 2 HDMI inputs. I have a DVR from Time Warner cable that has HDMI and Optical out and also a DVD player that has optical out. I assume I run the HDMIs from my cable box and DVD to the TV directly? So would my hook up be that I can run both...
1. Is there a way to spot banding in the store (like Sams or Costco)? 2. When you get the Sharp home how can you check for banding right away? What is the quickest way? 3. Is the banding something the average person at your house would notice? Thanks!!
Go the the Plasma forums and read about the 200 hour breakin DVD crap and it will scare you out of a plasma quickly. I was sold on a plasma until I started reading more about them. Too many posts on mutiple forum about accidnetly leaving a screen on too long and having to "scrub" the image out of the screen. I want to enjoy my TV not worry about it.
How many jerks on this forum abuse return policies and return a TV every 90 days and just get another one? Or whine about a TV 12 months out of warranty like it is Sams or Costcos fault. I think there are a lot of members here I would not call "honest" people. Sams and Costco should stop people like these from taking advantage of them.
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