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I can confirm: I have a September build w/ firmware version H06-01.55 00069
I would be willing to bet that "knowing about this issue" is para-phrasing from Sony's "this is an inherent characteristic of the technology" storyline, not an admission of a problem.
I'd like to know as well - did a search, the thread is not there
I have read all the papers on mura linked on the board, and I am convinced the cloudiness most users are seeing is due to a physical effect, probably related to stress on the panel. Furthermore, that stress is probably from an inconsistency in the build-up of the layers (e.g. filters) in the LCD panel, and not (for example) from some impurity or non-uniformity in the crystal structure itself. "Stresses" exist all across the panel, not just at the edges where it is...
Fantastic photo.
Just a quick note with another datapoint (as if we needed one). I stopped-by the Fry's in Sunnyvale today and they had two sets on display: 46" with build date August, NO CLOUDS. 52" with build date November: CLOUDS.
All the blacks are muddy with no detail when you adjust the settings to the Sony "no problem" values. If I wanted that I would have purchased a set at 1/2 the price.
Excellent advice. Once I have finished the letter I am writing to Sony I am going to try to close the loop with them one last time. Then I am going to pursue all of the above, including small claims. I would welcome participation in a class-action - hopefully someone comes on the board with knowledge/expertise that could help organize the process.
I spoke w/ a Tier 2 Customer Service rep yesterday who told me they were opening a "tech rep review" and that I would hear back w/in 72 hours. I was assured that while the Sony position on this is my set is "working within specification" and that this is "inherent in the technology," if I was not satisfied they would make it right. "Making it right" was one of 1) fixing it 2) exchanging it 3) buying it back. I felt pretty good after that call. This morning I get a...
Over the phone, but I got the distinct impression it was from prepared text.
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