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ah ok, I'll just keep the bars. I was having that black crush people keep talking about until I changed video out setting to rgb and changed hdmi to limited now it's all good.
I have a ps3 and when I watch a blu ray on ps3 the film isn't full screen? isn't it supposed to be full screen? Yes I have ps3 set to 1080p as well.
tommy what tv are you using?
you a member of XLN?
How did you tweak it out to that?
well Stonyarc who runs the xboxlivenation site, is part of the Official Xbox Community Developers. His site has better trackers than anything else on the internet, and has been interviewed for those things, if you remember xboxusersgroup.com all the stuff on there was his and now all that stuff and even better stuff on on xboxlivenation.com. the site is worth checking out because they just launched live portal which lets you search for any gamer and see. It does give the...
check out www.xboxlivenation.com gives a pretty good idea of what people are playing.
Nintendo has showed interest in 3D games again the last few years, even after the Wii was unveiled, they were spotted talking and taking some products from a company that produces 3D technology. So I wouldn't be surprised if nintendos next console does include the aspect of being fully 3d. If they were to have a helmet based thing that could eliminate the need for a tv. Microsoft was thought to be making their own components for the next Xbox, because if they are going to...
They can never have the direct fiber to the home though like Verizon does. That is what Verizon has monoplized in New Jersey.
I'm done with Comcast, sick of not getting channels that places right over a river get and I don't. They like to try and steal money from you, charging 300 dollars installilation because some guy just flipped a switch, screw that. THey hang up on us, even the supervisor did. We are done with Comcast we moved to Verizon today and got the direct tv bundle with them. Have fun guys with Comcast hopefully they will be able to catch up to Direct, but they will never be able to...
New Posts  All Forums: