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I agree with all of the above. I am very disappointed that support for iOS has ended. I loved that app and it was 90% of the way I kept up on AVS. Really, really, unfortunate!
Elite owners in the Columbus, OH area PM me, I have calibration schedule openings.
I went on google and searched and found a new board for mine when it went bad and the replacement was a breeze. Literally I just had to remove the back cover, unhook the connectors, unscrew, re-screw, rehook, replace the back and BAM. Coincidentally, the new power board came with much larger CAPs so I expect this one to be better over the long haul.
Why would "anyone" subscribe to that at this point? People have been claiming that DLP is dead for years, but Mitsubishi keeps on making them and people keep on buying them. Until I see an "official" announcement from Sharp or Elite, I wouldn't worry about it. Until then it's just unfounded rumor and conjecture.
Today's plasmas are much better. Just don't have it in brilliant mode and always display a full screen image (except with some bluray movies of course) and it'll age naturally. Even if you used this, you'd still have the possibility of some temporary burn-in. My PN50A550 is 4 years old, but still every once in a while after the kids watch cartoon network hd for an extended period of time I can see the symbol in the lower right for a few minutes after I change the...
Source link? Pretty sure Sammy isn't doing any local dimming. All their TVs are edge lit. Even the 8000 series.
I can't believe people are still doing this. This is completely and absolutely unnecessary. Just enjoy your new tv. There no reason to do this.
It'll be great to see if they fixed the color issues and a new calibration report on these if they are fixed! We should hopefully find out soon!
With this tv the only way to calibrate it without the use of a separate processor like gtgray has is to use the adv modes. When mits put the gray scale controls in the user menu they took them out of the SM. with the old mits dlps you could really start with any of the color settings as you could change each of them to be on. When I had the 62725 I set all three color temps to the same settings so no matter which one was chosen it was right. :-)
New Posts  All Forums: