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Quote: Originally Posted by PRO710HD Have 2 questions regarding my 82". I love this set so far! 1) I have a Panny Dmp-bdt300 3d player. I have it set to output 1080p all the time with 24p set to "ON". Should this setting be on or off? 2) I'm debating signing up for Netflix which my Panny Streams. Does Netflix stream Blurays or Bluray like quality? If not I'll stick with renting physical Blu-Ray discs from Redbox The answer to #1 is yes. ...
2nd adv menu.
No. 738 has cms as well. It has the exact same controls as the 838. The 838 just adds a second set.
Doubtful, since Mits never announces anything for their LV or RP sets at CES. They have their own event for that stuff.
Yeah, but all I do is stream from my Win7 box, so I don't need the HD space in the PS3. I have 1.9TB total on my workstation. ;-)
I don't even use my PS3 for that. Just for playing movies. I use my 360 for that.
Yeah, true. I may look into that option myself. Never thought of that.
So I have a new Mits WD-73738, a PS3, and an older HDMI receiver that doesn't support 3D. What I want to do is hook up a splitter to the PS3 and split the signal to the TV and AVR so the AVR will still get the audio and I won't have to switch back and forth from optical to HDMI when watching normal BD's. I know that normally with a splitter, this will not work because of the least common donominator issue with EDID. However, I have a Gefen HDMI Detective that I will...
Thats what happened to me too. But what I'm doing is I ordered the gefen hdmi detective and that should fool the ps3 into thinking my receiver has 3D. I am actually going to see if that allows me to not even use a splitter.
That all depends on whether you want to get it calibrated or not. If not, then the 638 should be just fine. If so, then you'd want the 738 as it is fully calibratable.
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