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Finally watched this last night..........really good movie. How were there no Oscars won?
Loving the game so far. My main complaint is that the controls just aren't as responsive and precise as they could be. I'd also say this game might have needed a little bit more polish before releasing it, and it could have been great. But, I'm having a great time with it.
I thought the opposite. I thought 12 Years A Slave was a much better made, and acted film than Gravity, and cannot understand why it won so many awards. If nothing else, the horrible ending almost ruined the whole movie for me. I have yet to see American Hustle, but if Gravity would have won best picture, I would have killed someone.
Saw this last night....... Not as good as the first one. From memory, I'd say it had about as much action, although the action wasn't as good, and felt a little repetitive. This was the story of the before and after the original 300 fought at the Hot Gates, and as such, there was far too little actual Spartan combat. However, it wasn't all bad. The combat that was there, was good, and was reminiscent of the Spartans, but they were no Spartans. If you were looking for...
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I agree with you. All I'm doing is commenting on what it is that I did see. I don't care about what I might see, or what could see in that context. It could be really good, but what they showed was lackluster, IMO. I want every game released to be great. But when you show a small amount of gameplay, quick time events, and mostly cut scenes.......no one is going to be super excited about that. But they chose to release it into the wild.
While I understand what you're saying.......If the creators of "anything" didn't want their work to be judged by small snippets of video, they probably wouldn't release.......small snippets of video, showcasing their product. If the video would have looked amazing, everyone would be all excited and chomping at the bit for it. But it didn't. That's just how it is, and there isn't anything wrong with saying so.The game looks meh at best right now. That's not a bad thing, as...
I'm hoping this game turns out to be awesome, but it honestly doesn't seem as though it will....based on what we've seen so far. It looks as though it'll be a good looking, but basic game. For some, that is enough. For me, it's not quite enough. But since the games are few and far between, I'll more than likely get it just to watch the pretty pictures. Hopefully I'm wrong and it turns out to be amazing. Quick time events need to die though.........
I'm thinking I'll have no choice but to pick up Tomb Raider, and I'm probably going to get Assassins Creed in the next few weeks, since I'm sure I'll be done with COD and Battlefield soon. I'd get TF if we had it, it looks like a lot of fun, and what the hell else are you going to buy.
I agree with you to an extent. I only recently purchased my PS4. My gf got it for me for Valentine's Day, and I'm already wondering if I might be happier with an XbOne.I'm playing through B4, and I have COD on deck, but I'm already longing for a new game to get, and there really aren't any for me. If you ask me, both systems are screwing up as far as having quality games and a variety of them to play. I do wish we had TF, but I'd be happier if there was a very good RPG,...
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