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I agree with this review: http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/11/5398810/robocop-2014-review
Saw it last night.....surprised at how good it was, and how much I liked the black suit. It won't be winning any awards, beyond sounding the "awesomest in IMAX" award, but it was a very competent and thoughtful remake. It wasn't a remake like a Psycho, where everything is a shot for shot do over. But part of the spirit of the movie was in there. Not totally, but it was in there. The movie was nowhere near as violent, and the social commentary wasn't there. But action,...
This look just as awful as 2 and 3. Which where travesties of movie making, in my opinion. There were parts of 3 that made absolutely no sense, and were basically just the screen screaming at you, with crap happening every second, and bright flashes of light. The script was horrible and so was the acting and "story". This....based on these few seconds, looks like more of the same. The teaser shows nothing but transformers and Marky Mark. Guess what.....we know there are...
Whenever his name is mentioned, Doubt is the first thing that pops into my head. It's a great movie.
Irony at it's best...... mesmerizing performance.....idiotic way to live, and then die. It seems there is a recurring theme of stupidity mixed in with talent/genius.
There have been very few actors/actresses that I've been saddened by their passing. This man is one of them. He had a way of imparting emotion and depth into every role I've ever had the pleasure of seeing him in. This will be a Phillip Seymour Hoffman week for me. Starting off tonight by taking the plastic off of Doubt.
I agree that screenshots aren't always perfectly indicative of how good or bad a blu ray will look in motion, but that's rarely the case when you're talking about DNR and halos. Normally, if it's waxy on screenshots, it's waxy at home.
Picking mine up today. I think I'll be watching it this weekend. I do plan on seeing the remake as well. Hopefully as a free screening.
I want that as well. I'd also like some blu rays to make use of the wider aspect ratio with the entire resolution available.Some of the 4k sets at CES had the wider aspect ratio.
I wanted to love Django,as I was told by a few people that it was amazing in many ways, and I love most of QT's movies(the Kill Bills are minor masterpieces to me). But watching it, I was also pulled out of it. Disappointment at it not being amazing was part of it, but it was mostly that it just wasn't that compelling, and stylistically I thought it could have been far more enjoyable to look at and take in. It wasn't a bad movie, but it lacked in a few major areas for me....
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