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Select the show and choose the first option which I think is called "recording options". Then you have to change it from "keep until space it needed" to "manually delete" or something like that. If you do it right, there will be a green icon next to the show instead of the red !.
Did anybody else's recording of Lost get garbled and jumpy right around the 60 minute mark last night?
I recorded Survivor OTA and there was not one glitch, so it must have been a BrightHouse issue.
No, but I've been thinking about it lately. Combined with OTA for the major networks I think I could live with it, but my wife has the opposite opinion - she does not want to get rid of cable.
On Saturday night around 9pm I was trying to watch an HD on demand movie (channel 1123). It would glitch every 10 seconds or so (both audio and video). It was driving my wife crazy and we called BH customer service and they had me reboot the box etc. but nothing cleared it up. We ended up not watching it and just having BH remove it from the bill. Anybody else having problems with HD on demand movies? BTW, all other programming was glitch free.
The last few nights as I've been channel surfing, a few of the channels in the 1300's (HDNET, MGM, etc.) have not tuned and displayed something to the effect: "channel not available, try again later." On HDNET2 I could hear the audio but there was only the "try again latter" message for the picture. It did try to tease me by saying "Hit 'A' to try again" but of course that did not work.
I've noticed this to. I think it is warning you that those shows will be deleted to make room for scheduled recordings. I remember when we got free Showtime and TMC I scheduled a bunch of movies to record and all my current recordings got the red triangles.
I noticed a few glitches, but not every 20 seconds.
I checked my settings last night and sure enough it was set to narrow. I changed it to normal. Now I just have to wait for them to go back to the beach on Lost.
The only show I've noticed this on is Lost, in the dark areas of the picture I see a sparkling or snow-like effect. I just thought it was the source material. I don't know if it is related, but another thing I've noticed about Lost is that the audio seems to have a strange compression effect in the lower frequencies. I especially notice it scenes by the ocean where there are breaking waves - they sound more like the ocean you hear when you put your ear up to a seashell,...
New Posts  All Forums: