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Congrats on the room!!! OK, now when is the next Houston GT? There are a couple of new HT rooms that WE have to test.
Nice response curve. I'm sure you've given "The Best of" disc a run for its money by now. Do you have all 3 subs connected? Looks good -- and I'm sure it sounds the way it looks. Congrats Michael.
^^^ Utorrent has a tool to check that your port is open and that you are actually connecting out/in. Run the tool and see what you get. Most likely your port is closed. If you know how to access your router do so and manually open the port.
If you download Michael's file, it tells you what files are what and what files are the actual clips. Other way that you might be able to tell is by size. The discs contains 5 segments, and 8 clips per segment, plus one background clip per segment and the main menu. Thus there should be 46 playable files. , all the other files are created by the authoring process.
What is it that does not work? Is is audio, video, stuttering? A little more info might help to diagnose the problem.
If you put the files back, and restarted the torrent and still wants to download, there is something different. The files need to be exactly the same otherwise "they're not the same" If you create a new torrent with the files that you have now, will be a different torrent, even if yo give it the same name. I won't work for what you're trying to do.
Did you move the files? if you moved the files to another folder or somewhere else Utorrent thinks that they are not downloaded. If you still have the files, just move them back to the directory where utorrent is expecting them. After you move or copy them utorrent will run a quick scan to verify the files and then it will go back to seeding.
There is no set ETA. But it'll get done.I have some 3D renderings for the menus, but had not tested them yet, since details for the menus need to be worked out before I spend too much time on menus that need to be redone, so menus are partially worked out. I have so far 12 3D reference type of clips but need at least another 12 or so. In process, and slowly working.
My personal opinion on 3D - and I'm talking content for commercial distribution such as 3D movies for home viewing. Whom ever is responsible to market and and promote these things had done a terrible job. They could had build a nice additional revenue source for movies and equipment, but no one cared or they really are inept. A considerable number of consumers have 3D TVs and players and they have never tried it or know enough about it. Mos people would tell you -- I just...
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