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If you've got a large room the Take Classics will never sound good in there. They are made for small to medium sized room. They only have 3" drivers so they can't play very low and the sub has an 8" woofer. They really are made for smaller rooms.In your room it sounds like you'd needs some bookshelf speakers and a larger sub.
No screaming crowds? I get that for golf but you can't eliminate crowd noise in team sports like baseball, basketball, football and hockey.
The Polks will be brighter sounding than your Jamos. You'd really want to get a new Polk center too.
The E8 should be a good match with your C403's. The direct replacement for the E8-CEN.2 is the C60CEN which I own. The matching center for your C403 is the C400CEN which is hard to find. Jamo C60CEN which replaced the E8CEN.2 Jamo E8CEN.2 I believe all of the tweeters are soft dome tweeters. Here is a description of Decoupled Tweeter Technology (DTT) on page 3. http://www.jamo.ru/upload/iblock/70a/70a8dcc992c6b3f5979ac3bf0d1237c3.pdf
^^^^^ Which model Energy speaker is it? There will be no charge for the tweeter since it is under warranty. You should get free shipping too.
Contact jdsmoothie at AVS for competitive pricing on the x4000 for a new in box unit.
You're the only one that seems to be bothered by it. No one else has complained about my comments.I"m just providing info about other teams and they're OTA broadcast or lack thereof.I'm still curious as to why you think taking away MLB's antitrust exemption will get your Dodgers back on free TV in some capacity? Then it would make MLB like the NBA and NHL and I'm not seeing a whole lot of Lakers, Kings and Sharks games on OTA stations.
The A's don't have any games on local TV. They're all on Comcast Sportsnet California. They have one game on FOX June 7 vs the Orioles.
You might want to save a little money and get the smaller s20 for surrounds.http://www.crutchfield.com/p_779S20N/Cambridge-Audio-S20-Noir.html?tp=186&awkw=29058388825&awat=pla&awnw=g&awcr=7913225545&awdv=c#overview-tab
I don't think Congress really cares.When you call LA the 2nd largest TV market you have to include all those surrounding counties that get the LA stations. You can't just count the LA City limits. The "market" is not defined that way.To be honest I don't really care if you get the Dodger games OTA or not. I don't live there and I'm not a Dodger fan.
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