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3 pair of either one of these can be had between $2100 - $3000. http://www.musicdirect.com/p-139678-focal-chorus-807v-bookshelf-speakers-pr.aspx?source=igodigital& http://www.musicdirect.com/p-83551-focal-profile-908-diamond-black-pr.aspx
I agree with Foxbat. The Harmony remote is an easy solution. I programmed a couple for my 80 yr old father and has no problem using them. One in the main room and one in his bedroom setup.
that must really be an old Onkyo surround system if it doesn't have any digital inputs....
Are the Genie's talking to each other over your wireless network? I think that's how my father's is set up. The advantage of the Genie is if you recorded something on any DVR you'd be able to retrieve it in the home theater room and vice versa. If you have a separate H24 I don't think you can retrieve the recorded shows from that unit on the other boxes.
Has Fiona hit rock bottom yet? Boy she's a mess. Kinda had a feeling the doctor wasn't performing Frank's surgery correctly. Now Frank may get a new kidney and liver. He'll be able to drink heavily again.
Get the Infinity P363 speakers and use them upstairs for stereo use. Put the Takes downstairs with either Denon receiver. No point having two sets of satellites speakers when stereo use is the main purpose upstairs.
HK ebay store is fine. Like you said you still get the 2 year mfrs warranty.
it might help if you mentioned what the other receiver is. Doesn't it have 5.1 analog inputs so that you can distribute extra channels to it? Of course if you have both receivers you just could try it and would know the answer.
who makes the AVR 370?
So what fixed it?
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