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It would help if you tell us what country you're in because we might give to links to vendors that may not ship to your country.
Yes, that is what they are designed to do.
The RX-V675 should be enough for your needs. Then you could use the $300 savings to buy a subwoofer, which would be a very significant improvement if you don't currently have one. You didn't mention a sub in your original post.
they all accept bare wire. You just unscrew the speaker terminal a little and insert the bare wire and then tighten back down. You'll figure it out when the receiver gets there.Look at page 11 of the manual.http://www.harmankardon.com/images/media/AVR1700_OM_EN-1.pdf
I think the 55T's are better speakers than the single woofer R300. If the price is good for you then get them.
Watching movie from what device? If it's a blu ray or DVD player let the receiver decode the signal as Dolby Digital, DTS, TrueHD or DTS-HD. TV, Cable or Sat dish sends HD movies in Dolby Digital. You should only need Pro Logic II for 2 channel sources like older movies that are not Dolby Digital. Since you didn't list any of your other devices its hard to give you better info.
if that if that picture is the way things are currently set up you need to do a few things. 1. Put the grilles on each speaker!! That would significantly help reduce the chances of your kid ruining the drivers. 2. The speakers are too far back and sounds reflect off your cabinet. the center should be pulled to the front edge of your cabinet. And the other main speakers should be pulled forward too. 3. I'm not a father so I cant tell you how to keep your kid away from or...
RC Mini's definitely sound better than Takes. I've had both.V-Minis have same size drivers as RC Minis.
So what are the correct specs?http://www.martinlogan.com/products/mlt2
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