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if that if that picture is the way things are currently set up you need to do a few things. 1. Put the grilles on each speaker!! That would significantly help reduce the chances of your kid ruining the drivers. 2. The speakers are too far back and sounds reflect off your cabinet. the center should be pulled to the front edge of your cabinet. And the other main speakers should be pulled forward too. 3. I'm not a father so I cant tell you how to keep your kid away from or...
RC Mini's definitely sound better than Takes. I've had both.V-Minis have same size drivers as RC Minis.
So what are the correct specs?http://www.martinlogan.com/products/mlt2
Definitely not Ellen....
the MLT-2 has larger driver than the Take Classic. 4.5" driver in the MLT-2 compared to 3" driver in the Classic. MLT-2 should be fuller sounding.
If you look closely at the Amazon link it says "ships in 1-3 months". You're probably better off buying from Fry's.
yeah, probably an upgrade over the Classics. They wont have the low end of the larger Infinity P153 and 163 speakers. The Energy speakers look better though. Do you have a Fry's location nearby? If not Amazon matched the pricing as also has them for $39 with free shipping. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0044D3R7M/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new Fry's also has the JBL subwoofer on sale. Or the Dayton subs are always popular for a little...
With your budget and no option to buy bookshelf speakers that Pioneer system is probably as good as you're gonna get. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882117438
If you need smaller speakers Fry's has the Infinity P143 on sale for $39 each. You could get 5 for $200. You may have to call to get the price because the website still says $99.
You got a really good price on the Tascam receiver. Seems to be made by Teac, is there an Onkyo affiliation there?This receiver has a full set of preouts along with 2 HDMI outs. Not bad at all for $350.
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