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Having a Major issue with my 103 and split A/V. before we start, my setup I'm running through 65ZT60 Dennon 2313ci Oppo 103 -Oppo HDMI 1 to TV -Oppo HDMI 2 to AVR Last night I watched a movie no problem, but today went to go watch a new movie, and i get no audio with Split/AV selected. I get video but no audio. Have tried different HDMI cables, Different inputs on AVR, Factory Reset Oppo, but i can't get Split A/V to work. Have tried Bitstream Audio, PCM, nothing seems...
Ya if u don't mind. PM me and I can give u an email address. Always down to save some more money.
Is the price back down to 3,199 for the 65zt60 It went down to 3,199 couple of weeks ago then went back up to 3,499. Is it back down again to 3,199? I got it price matched at 3,499. If it went down again I guess I have to go back.
I will be following this fix closely. I have a 65zt60 and I have about 3 weeks left to decide if I want to exchange it. I have about 350 hrs on it right now and would like to try and not exchange it if I could.The fan noise on mine I think will be on all of them. They don't sound defective or broken, just that they are moving a lot of air, and also pulsate a little bit. I think it is more of a design issue then a malfunctioning part. So I'm not convinced an exchange would...
My issue is I need to find a way to make the remote ,control the TV instead of the main device(STB, Blu-ray player, Apple TV, etc)So when I push menu on the remote it goes into the TV menu and not the main units menu. All the activities I have tried to set up, the remote will control the media device not the TV(outside of volume and stuff like that)
Hmm ya that's a good idea. What activity could I tell it to do on the TV so that the remote would be controlling the TV instead of the STB?
Purchased ultimate and smart control last week. Upgrade over 900. Loving both so far. I have the ultimate in theater room and smart control in bedroom. One question. On the simple remote, is there any way to select a specific device so I can access its buttons. Like if I have watch TV activity going, is there any way to switch the device to TV so I can change some settings then go back to controling the STB. That is the only thing I haven't been able to figure out. I know...
Went to my MDC today. $3,199 was price for wed to sat. Today (sun) went up to 3,499. (Prices for 65zt60) Though my guy at MDC said he didn't know how long that price was going to be at. It was a non advertised drop.
Good to know i need to go back to the MDC at BB instead of the MHT, thanks. I will make that trip later today.Are u able to say or maybe PM me the new price since it seems has changed since yesterday.
Will this deal be going on tomorrow as well? I will be going into BB tomorrow morning to price match if it is.Also I purchased the TV at a MDC, but there is a MHT closer to me. Can I go into a MHT to price match or do I have to go back the same store i purchased at?I really hope the deal is still around tomorrow so I can price match. I bought a 65ZT60 for full MSRP.
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